In our hyperconnected world, it’s no secret that we could all use a digital detox. Taking a break from technology can lower stress levels, clear your mind and promote wellbeing. This is where one of our favourite stones, Shungite, really shines. Although it’s not considered a crystal, it has been praised as the miracle stone of the 21st century. This ancient mineral is filled with molecular structures called fullerenes, which are said to neutralize free radicals and toxins. This powerful geological makeup protects us from viruses, bacteria, pathogens, fluoride, chlorine and those harmful electromagnetic frequencies that we are bombarded by 24/7.


We’ve all been there before: having a mini heart attack when you can’t find your phone or getting frustrated when the WiFi doesn’t connect instantly. The seemingly innocent luxuries and technological advancements that have been put in place to make our lives easier could, in fact, be jeopardizing our wellbeing on a multitude of levels. Shungite has been proven to neutralize harmful EMFs that have been proven to disrupt our energetic field and negatively affect the cells in our body; leaving us feeling drained, out of balance, and even promote illness. By having a Shungite pyramid or sphere in the areas of our homes we spend the most time, the harmful frequencies will be neutralized and result in having a positive impact on our health. You can take it one step further with Shungite stickers that are applied directly on your electronics to ensure you are protected in all environments.


We all know drinking water is so important, but before you get chugging you should reconsider how pure your water truly is. Shungite water has become an emerging craze because of the mineral’s ability to neutralize a significant number of toxins. Its massive quantity of hydrogen makes it very effective for water purification and fills water with oxygen, calcium, magnesium and other essential minerals, while killing bacteria, and removing toxins. It is totally safe, and encouraged, to switch over to Shungite water using water stones or purchasing Shungite glassware.

Image from SungitUniverse


It is time to set aside those to-do lists, unanswered questions and that song you can’t get out of your head for some true rest and relaxation. Shungite is a stone that helps to neutralize the energy in surrounding environments and compliment the healing properties of other stones and crystals perfectly. If you’re looking for something a little more intense, Selenite pairs wonderfully with Shungite to cure insomnia. The shungite works to reset the energy of your space while Selenite emits calming vibes all night long. You can simply place a Shungite tile under your bed, pillow or on your night table to feel the stone’s purifying energy throughout the night.

Image from Karelia Masters