Today on June 19th, the planets Mercury and Mars team up and directly oppose Pluto in a galactic face off that has tension, fire, volatile energy and conflict written all over it for us here on earth. It’s kind of the Sons of Anarchy gang confrontation equivalent of the planets. Things have the potential to go south and fast.

Mercury rules communication, technology and travel (you know how it goes when Mercury is in retrograde right?) so be prepared for short fuses, bad drivers, traffic delays and misunderstandings. Mars is an actionable planet that is ready to fight at the first call, so this puts our reactionary impulses in overgear. Everyone is stepping on everyone’s toes today and the energy of Mars is pushing us to stake our boundaries with strong defences, fists and fighting words.

Pluto governs our sense of power and domination throwing an actual time bomb in the midst, along with misplaced ambition and ego. This planetary confrontation is intensified by this week’s full moon with a light at the end of the tunnel on Friday as we welcome Summer Solstice.

In short, things could get ugly quickly today. If you’ve felt the energy around you or within intensifying, situations between you and friends or co-workers or your partner getting a bit elevated, or people overstepping their mark on your space both physically and metaphorically (at work, or in the coffee line at Starbucks) you are not alone. The planets are facing off and we’re all feeling the consequences.

Here are some quick tips and tricks for getting through today with grace.

Embrace the Fire and Repurpose It

While we tend to try to push our intense energies down, try leaning into them. With a mindful approach and understanding that how you are feeling today is not really in your control, nor can you do anything about the actions of others, embrace your intensity and put that fire towards accomplishing something great. Lock yourself in your room, avoid others and crush your deadlines. It’s safer inside today anyways, so why not cross some items off your list as your energies are burning inside? Clean your house with gusto. Go for a killer sweaty run.

Avoid Triggers and Reschedule That MeetingĀ 

We always say alignment before hustle right? Sometimes recognizing that you are simply not in a proper mindset to address certain matters, tasks or conversations is the most mindful and responsible thing you can do for yourself. If you are feeling intensely off today, or that there is potential that a certain meeting, phone call, sales pitch or discussion with your client, relationship partner, co-worker or friend is not going to go the way you want it too, then reschedule it. Being mindful of where we are at internally at any given moment and honour it. If we listen to our internal energies and strive to find alignment before action, we will see better results.

Embrace Woo Woo

There are certain practices in the New Age belief system that will help you get grounded and find your centre fast. Turquoise is the perfect stone to have in your presence today for its grounding qualities as well as its connection to the throat chakra, which will aid in communication and confidence. Burning palo santo regularly throughout the day will work to clear any overly intense energies, while the scent will help get you grounded quickly and back in your body if you find your mind is getting carried away with unproductive stories and thoughts.

In short, a bit of mindfulness goes a long way. If you feel tensions and situations are getting out of hand, put a pin in them and come back to them when the planets aren’t at each other’s throats.