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When it comes to improving our self-care routines, we often focus on upgrading our body care and facial products. It’s no secret that improving the quality of your beauty products and making the switch to green and clean solutions is beneficial for a range of reasons, such as eliminating unnecessary toxins from your blood stream, leveraging the benefits of naturally sourced ingredients and being kinder to our animal friends and planet.

But while focusing on the body and face is great, our vaginas also benefit from some levelled up self care solutions. The vagina care industry is on the up and up and why shouldn’t it be? As the source of our power and femininity, it’s time to treat our vaginas with the love they deserve.

Here are a few of our favourite vagina self-care products from Canadian companies:

Botanical Labia Oil by LADYFLOW:

Massage this hydrating oil directly onto the inner and outer labia to remove the itch, dryness and thinness that can come from hormonal changes. Made with sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, rose hip seed oil and more, this bottle contains everything you need for complete skin hydration.

Image from LADYFLOW Website


Oatmeal + Almond Milk Soap by Buck Naked Soap Company:
Soothing and natural, this soap keeps your vagina feeling and smelling fresh. This soap leaves you without the irritation of unbalanced bacteria and pH levels that can come from perfumed fragrance.

Image from Buck Naked Soap Company Instagram


Tampons & Pads by easy:
Your periods just got a lot more exciting with these organic cotton tampons and pads that get delivered right to your door with a single delivery or by subscription. What’s even better is that 5 per cent of the proceeds go to ZanaAfrica Foundation, who deliver pads and health education to Kenyan girls.

Image from easy Instagram


Sex Oil by Province Apothecary:
This gentile lubricant is essential for intimacy with its all-natural ingredients, no preservative, zero alcohol and no interruptions because it only needs to be applied once. Its ingredients like fractionated coconut oil and evening primrose oil, this lube softens your skin while you get it on.

Image from Province Apothecary Instagram


Mae – Vaginal Moisturizer by Damiva
100 per cent natural and free of chemical preservatives, this down there moisturizer absorbs into your skin to defeat dryness. This vaginal pick me up eliminates roadblocks during special moments and can be used long-term.

Image from Damiva Instagram