Breaking It Down: Alignment Over Hustle - How Bad Do You Want It?

Jonas Svidras
We’ve all seen the “Hustle Align” memes on Instagram and depending on where we stand on the Law of Attraction we either can get behind that messaging or reduce it to another woo woo philosophy.

In a society that rewards the results of constant action, it’s not uncommon to put the “hustle” on a pedestal. Results of what we believe are constant action can be seen in the unbelievable bodies of people who are always at the gym, or the material displays of wealth from those whose “hustle” has brought them the success we crave for ourselves. Instagram doesn’t help. We see many of these people sharing messages of the “hustle” on social media and in short,  it’s bad for our own vibes.

Our society values beautiful, hard bodies and we praise and admire those with money. Therefore we, in turn, feel that in order to achieve these desired results, we have to “hustle”.

Now, of course, as with everything, it is important that we put in the work and the action for the things we want and need to survive. We cannot expect the universe to give us money, wealth, security and health simply because we want it.

However, based on the principles of the Law of Attraction, it can be argued that focusing on working harder and longer can be the exact  thing that’s stopping us from reaching our goals.


Alignment Vs. Hustle

The Law of Attraction is based around the principle that the universe will give us experiences that meet our internal vibration. Our energy vibrations are what attracts similar experiences into our existence. For example, someone with positive energy is vibrating at a high frequency. That person will be more likely to attract more positive experiences into their day-to-day, and into their life in general. Someone who is constantly focused on the negative in life is out of alignment and vibrating at a low frequency. The probability of that person attracting positivity into their lives is also low. Therefore, no matter how much that person “hustles” they will not get the results they want from the action they are taking.

Not only can negative thought processes put us out of alignment, when our bodies are exhausted and stressed, and we are neglecting our own self-care, i.e. skipping the gym and not making time for proper nutrition, our inner vibrations will start to match our physical state. Therefore the universe will continue to bring us experiences to match our vibrations and no matter how hard we’re working, we may feel like we’re getting nowhere.

When our bodies and inner beings are in alignment and we are vibrating at our highest frequencies, our actions will render more positive results. Therefore, we may not have to work as hard as we think we do to get the results that we want.


I Don’t Believe That, You Crazy Woo Woo Witchy Website, You’re Nuts

Was that your first thought? It’s most people’s first thought, as we have been trained by our society that overworking ourselves is the only way to get the results that we want. But overworking ourselves is counterproductive. When we are coming to our tasks from a place of happiness, excitement, and well-being, then the energy we put out into the universe through the work we do will be more likely to come back to us with positivity.

For example, when you go to the gym after nurturing your body with good nutrition and rest, you are likely to get more out of your workout, which will in turn help you see better results. When you go to work feeling satisfied in the balance you have created in your life, you will be vibrating at a more positive frequency. The results you truly desire will come.


Satisfaction and Gratitude

Not only does our mental and physical well-being help with our alignment, it is important that we express great gratitude for what we have in order to be able to welcome more abundance into our lives. For example, if we are going to task from a place of desperate need, (i.e. I need to get four new clients this month in order to pay the bills) then you are putting a sense of need into the universe. You will attract more instances into your life that will make you feel like you need something.

When we are in alignment, we are able to express great gratitude for all that we have. We come to our task from a place of gratitude and the universe will bring us more to be grateful for.


In short, action is important. We can vibrate with positivity all we want, but unless we follow our intentions with action, we will not achieve what the results we want. In order to get the results we want faster, we must take care of our minds, bodies and souls to ensure our vibrations are at their highest frequency as we head into action..