The Law of Attraction for Beginners - Sand In Hands Image

We’ll try to keep this as short as possible, but we just love the Law of Attraction. Once we get started on it, it’s hard to stop. So let’s consider this a simple introduction, with more to come.


The Law of Attraction is not new. In fact, its as old as time itself. But the concept was introduced to our modern mainstream conversation via vehicles such as the movie The Secret (praised by people like Oprah, you may recall) and the recordings and writings of Esther and Jerry Hicks who put out the book The Law of Attraction: The Basic Teachings of Abraham; Abraham being the name of the group of spiritual entities that started channelling themselves through Esther Hicks as she was in meditative states in November of 1985.


Through Esther Hicks, Abraham revealed The Law of Attraction and its principles, which the married couple went on to share with the world in a variety of different ways. We won’t go further into the Hicks’ and their story because while we do believe it’s a fascinating one, we also believe it is only appropriate for those who are ready to hear it (a simple Google search will render thousands of articles on the Hicks’ and Abraham).


Essentially, the Law of Attraction means that we as human beings have the tools to create and manifest the life experience our higher selves truly desire, through the power of our thoughts, frequencies and vibrations.The Law of Attraction’s basic practicing principle is “Like Attracts Like”. In short, we get what we put out into the universe via our vibrations and/or we get what we think about.


For example, have you ever had a morning where you woke up and you stubbed your toe? You may have got angry about that and then you spilled your coffee on your shirt, making you late, which got you in trouble with your boss. Each incident and your reaction to it built negative momentum until it was eventually a day in which you should have just stayed in bed.


The Law of Attraction is extremely powerful. If executed correctly, you can start to see its effects pretty quickly and a simple awareness of the fact that it exists is the first step towards being able to use it to help you create a more joyful life experience.



Below are 5 very simple ways to get started on your journey with the Law of Attraction.


Set Aside the Ego 

Many people may challenge the Law of Attraction and say “if all we have to do is think about what we want, then why isn’t everyone a millionaire?” This is because the Law of Attraction is not “The Law of Things I Want”. It is important to strip away the ego when it comes to working with the Law of Attraction and determine what it is you actually want in life.  Rather than say “I want a million dollars”, ask yourself “why do I want a million dollars?” Is it because you want more freedom? More security? You’d like to travel more? Those are all non-ego related desires that stem from your higher self.  If you want a million dollars because you want a big house and swimming pool, which are visible displays of your life success and wealth, then you are looking to serve your ego. It is the desires and needs that come from our inner being that Law of Attraction can help us achieve.


It’s In Your Vibrations

If you think negatively, negativity will come back to you. If you feel unworthy and as though you cannot get ahead, the universe will continue to give you experiences that validate this feeling. If you feel unloveable, you will not be able to find love. If you feel financially lacking, you cannot attract the opportunities that will bring you abundance and security, and so on. You may know someone in your life who is always going through some type of negative drama, saying “why does this stuff always happen to me?” There are people who have built up such negative momentum in their lives that they have a very difficult time changing the direction. If we are feeling positive, then we are more likely to attract positive opportunities and instances into our life experience. The universe will work to match our inner vibrations. What we put out there is what we attract,  Leading us to our next point…..


Embrace Feelings of Abundance and Gratitude

Many people aren’t leading the flashy lives of Instagram Influencers or the Kardashians. Our obsession with these types of lifestyles that are in our faces every day can leave us with the collective understanding that we are not enough or that we do not have enough.  We don’t have enough money, enough clothes, we don’t have enough time, we don’t get enough sleep, we aren’t pretty enough, skinny enough, successful enough, etc.  If we work to change that inner story in our minds through practices of gratitude for what we do have, the universe will reward us with more to be grateful for. It is important to practice feeling abundance and gratitude on a daily basis. This will work to change our inner vibration. A great way to practice this is to conscientiously note 5 things you are grateful for everyday, Feel that gratitude in your body. Meditate on it, embrace it and watch it grow in your life.


Practice Self Love and Self Care

Making time for yourself is one of the best ways to show the universe you are grateful for your life, your body and your experiences. Further to this, when we are feeling good, we are in a better space both mentally and physically to speak to the universe with our positive vibes. If we are feeling worn out, anxious, stressed, we will continue to attract experiences that feed those feelings as opposed to those that make us feel good, happy and healthy. Make time for your personal self-care. Show the universe you love yourself and are grateful for the body you were given by being kind to it. Meditate, take long baths, go to yoga, wear sunscreen everyday. These small things will do wonders for your internal vibration and self-love.


Be Clear with the Universe

This is where tools like vision boarding, bullet journalling and goal writing are so important. You must be willing to confront yourself and ask what you feel is lacking from your life experience that would enhance your joy. Once we have a clear understanding of what we actually want to achieve and attract in our lives, we will be in a better position to convey these messages to the universe through our vibrations and minds. The universe wants us to have what we desire. But we need to know what that is before we can work with the Law of Attraction.

Stay tuned as we continue to divulge more about the Law of Attraction.