July's New/Full Moon and Solar Eclipse Meaning Blog Image

Moon Cycle: From July 12th – August 10th

Blood Moon/Full Moon: July 27th

Keywords: Transformation, Change, New Beginnings, Rebirth, Strengthening Our Foundations

This week, on July 12th, we welcome a new moon that will lead us to a Full Blood Moon on July 27th. If you’re feeling transitional, emotional and a bit unsteady, trust that this is completely aligned with the Cancer season. The date of this new moon also marks the start of a powerful solar eclipse, the first of three which will happen this summer; the second will happen on the Full Blood Moon on July 27th and the following on August 11th.

This series of solar eclipses will no doubt have a powerful effect on our sense of stability. Do not expect things to remain the same. In fact, these solar eclipses could prove to bring life-changing and unexpected circumstances leading all the way through to 2020.

We love the fact that the solar eclipses of this month align with the new and full moons. As the moon blocks our view of the sun and the world is in proverbial darkness, we are invited to come out of each eclipse with a sense of rebirth, leveraging the energies for new beginnings. Working with an understanding of the planets and their shifts helps us leverage their powerful energies with focused intention, rather than letting them rule us without a sense of purpose.

Remember in this powerful time of transition that we will likely be presented with feelings of hesitation, perhaps even fear. We cannot see through the darkness and we cannot know the ultimate outcome of what is about to happen.

This is when the practice of trust will truly come into play. You may feel a strong need in your personal life to hand your trust over to the universe on the dates of July 23rd to July 26, during the Gibbous Moon phase. Expect your questions about your personal direction to be amplified during that time. The universe may throw you some curves or challenges during this moon cycle where trust will be needed.

Leverage That Cancer Energy

Remember; this new moon is occurring in Cancer, a potent and emotionally charged period, affecting our senses of security, support, our connection to our roots or heritage, our family and of course our inner sense of self (who we are, what are we doing, our feelings, our responses, etc.).

This is a time to nourish our foundations and everything that we feel a connection to as our home. Not to be confused with strictly our personal houses or dwellings, this can include anything that is in our daily vortex; people, our workplaces, our routine and of course the “home” within, our inner foundations and strengths.

Ensure to dedicate time in July to honour your inner being, your true sense of comfort and security and every single feeling. Acknowledge, confront and release. Take comfort in your sources of security; your family and your true close friends.

Expect to be called to a new beginning of sorts, one that may require you to leave behind something valued and treasured. While this will be difficult, remember new beginnings can be an exciting blessing, it’s a matter of what we learn and how we choose to leverage things going forward.