The Funnest Ways To Start Your Spiritual Journey - Image of Woman on the Open Road

averie woodard

When it comes to tapping into our spiritual side, it can often be viewed as an intimidating process, or at least a very serious one. And while finding alignment with our inner being is certainly a powerful and serious affair, it must be remembered that the entire point of finding that spiritual connection is finding our capacity for the greatest joy.

As the Law of Attraction tells us, it isn’t until we are truly happy that happiness will become abundant in our lives. For those who are looking to dabble in the world of wellness and woo-woo, we wholeheartedly suggest making your first foray into the space as fun and joyous as possible.

We’ve curated a bundle of our favourite ways to bring spirituality AND smiles into our journey for alignment.


That’s So Retrograde Podcast

Hosted by besties Stephanie Simbari and Elizabeth Kott, this is more than just a witty take on the woo-woo space. These girls get into it, interviewing shamans, astrologists, meditation experts, comedians, and experts in health and wellness, all with a highly relevant pop culture spin. If you’re looking to understand a bit more about the moon and the stars and the newest trends from wellness-mecca, LA, then this is the podcast for you. The ladies are hilarious and offer a refreshingly light-hearted take on the universe and all its beautiful complexities. Check out more here.



Do Arts and Crafts

Some of the most powerful activities in our spiritual journeys involve (biodegradable) glitter and glue. Vision boarding, for example, is one of the funnest ways to get your inner being’s most powerful desires and intentions out in front of you in an exciting and creative way. You can even invite your friends and make a party out of it. All you need is some old magazines (great way to up-cycle), bristol board and glue and get going. Allow the pictures to speak to you. Cut them out and collage.

Other fun activities include bullet journaling your spiritual intentions, sketching, and painting.

Image: Estee Janssens


The Kawaii Tarot Ap

Filed in things we’re kind of obsessed about, the Kawaii Tarot app is the cutest way to get a tarot reading in a pinch. Perfect for tarot newbies who are looking to understand the intricacies behind the practice.



Tossing Things Out

Ok, this may sound like a chore, but there is nothing funner than tossing out that which no longer serves you. It is one of the easiest ways to generate a sense of instant gratification and an appreciation for a visual change. Everything like old clothes, old beauty products and bits and bobs that are weighing you down; get rid of them! Let your inner being guide you to know what you truly do not need in your life anymore as you make room for all that is fresh and new, both physically and mentally.

We must make space for the things we want in life, whether it is physical or spiritual abundance we’re after. Remember, the things we own have their own energies and frequencies. If you’re holding on to something, even something as simple as clothes you no longer wear, it is possible your spiritual frequencies are connecting with the past and creating potential roadblocks for the future abundance you wish you draw into your life.

Once you do old items toss out (or donate or recycle), make sure to give your space a once over with palo santo to reset the energy in your home or office (very important).

Image: Averie Woodard


Next time you’re travelling, take time out to understand a bit more about the spiritual practices of the people who live in the country you are visiting. Often times, the wholeness of our spiritual selves is compiled with the elements we resonate with from other cultures, including the people and practices we have encountered. And there is nothing more eye-opening than being immersed in the culture of another country. Take everything in, listen, observe and appreciate the values of the people around you.

Aside from the people around you, it is vital for our spiritual selves to take advantage of being in a new place as a means of gaining insight on who we are and who we want to be when we are back at home. Travel often comes with the gift of being our most authentic selves so regardless of whether you are travelling with your partner or a group of friends, ensure you have some quiet reflection time to appreciate the present moment, acknowledge your feelings and recognize what about the traveller within you you would like to bring home.

Image: Joshua Earle

Go To an EventĀ 

Gathering with likeminded people, even those who may be a bit more advanced in their journeys, is one of the most amazing ways to feel connected, aligned and as though you are on the right path. It can be anything as simple as a creative learning workshop, a full moon gathering, a wellness talk or even a yoga + beer class (they’re super awesome). Anytime you step out of your daily routine and move towards a new space, you are showing the universe you are open to growing, learning and transforming. Plus, it’s a great and productive way to shake up another night of Netflix.

Check out Eventbrite and our own event section, where we curate amazing, welcoming experiences.

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Remember, above all, if something doesn’t make you happy, your inner being is totally not into it. When we feel good, we are best positioned to make the powerful and transformational shifts we desire to grow full and completely into our spiritual selves.