New Moon In Virgo Essentials List Blog Image

With the new moon in Virgo it’s time to manifest our the dreams that transmitted into our mind’s eye over the summer into reality. And while manifestation works when we combine powerful intention with concerted action, it never hurts to have a curated collection of items that can lend assistance to you along the way. Every warrior needs the following: a good theme song, the right crystal, the gear and some powerful potions.

The Theme Song: Ready For It? Taylor Swift

Ok, sure it’s about some guy because isn’t it always? But we love the title, the chorus and mainly the question; ARE YOU READY FOR IT? Because this is the season to harvest and to WORK. The energy and sweat equity we put into this moon cycle will work hard for us in the long run, with the potential to reap the benefits into the new year. This isn’t a dreamy moon cycle that calls for too much introspection. We are being tasked with putting our heads down and making shit happen, with caution of course. There’s nothing like a good old Taylor Swift song to remind us of the problems that arise when our egos get out of whack. Plus, it’s poppy and upbeat and will get you moving.


The Crystal: Citrine 

This new moon cycle is all about manifestation, success, and opportunities. Citrine is the stone of powerful manifestation. The high frequency of this stone stimulates our sacral and solar plexus chakras, both of which are connected to our joy, our power, our will and our abilities to move forward with control. Keeping citrine close to us this season will stimulate our focus and act as a reminder of our intentions and what it takes to make our dreams happen. See here for more on citrine. For a grounding effect, choose raw citrine points as featured below (available at most gem stores, the below are from The Rock Store). When you hold a piece of raw citrine in your hand, the feeling of textured edges can help ground you, rooting you in your work and cause.


The Gear:

We would suggest putting heels aside for harvest and indulging in practicality with style (and with no animal DNA, obviously). We’re loving the geometrical cut of the DRE shoe from Matt and Nat. Dress em up, dress em down or wear em into boardroom battle.


The Potion: 

Our potion of choice is the Energy Booster vitamin from Well Told Health. Made with all natural ingredients including Organic Rhodiola Rosea, Organic Matcha Tea, Organic Beets and Organic Maca, you can give your body the extra boost it needs to get stuff done without the crash and burn or any pesky jitters.

Sending love and energy during this new moon in Virgo. Make it happen. Namaste.