Are You Ready For It? September's New Moon in Virgo Meaning Blog Image

Moon Cycle: From September 9th – October 7th

Full Moon: September 24th 

Keywords: Harvest, Practicality, Health, Self-Care, Simplification, Integrity, Opportunity, Success, Flexibility

This Sunday, we are welcoming the new moon in Virgo. While this new cycle puts a final stamp on the summer, many of us may find ourselves looking toward the next phase in our journeys with a certain wisdom and newfound understanding of ourselves. This summer, it seemed as though the universe did everything in its cosmic powers to give us the tools we needed to go deep within ourselves, and to help us come out of the heat and confusion with a bit more clarity about who we are and what we want. It’s only natural that we are now passed on to the practical and meticulous hands of Virgo to help us sift through what was uncovered and go into the next phase with a bit more insight as to who we want to be.

Virgo invites us to find our deepest and purest emotions to help us set truthful intentions for this next phase. Essentially, we will uncover our own secrets, if they have not been revealed to us already this summer. Virgo helps us determine who we are and what we want to call in to our experience, as well as shows us everything we no longer need. This practical new moon, we are called to unapologetically cut out everything that is keeping us from being our best selves. This can mean old habits and negative thought-patterns or even people who are dragging you down.

Harvest for 2019

The new moon in Virgo is when we harvest opportunities and work to translate them in to future successes and triumphs. In fact, opportunities will be abundant during this time. The various angles of this new moon in relation to Jupiter and Pluto mean that we are open to good luck as well as opportunities for happiness and success. Good fortune is on its way, and it is up to us to sift through the noise and time-wasters that won’t serve you. Because opportunities will be coming at you in more abundance, it will be important to tap into the practical nature of Virgo to determine what is a real opportunity and what isn’t a good use of your valuable energy and resources.

Neptune’s a Bitch 

That said, beware of any feelings of insecurity or discouragement. This new moon is opposite Neptune which means we may face challenges dealing with feelings of competition or assertive people. These feelings may put our ego on overdrive and have us puffing out our chests to show who we are and what we can do. Don’t give in to the games of others. If you are focusing on them, you cannot focus on your own path. Remember, the universe is effecting everyone the same way. Expect other people to be hustling to achieve their own goals. Let them move in their own lives. Cheer on the success of your competitors. There is enough success and abundance for everyone and their success can’t effect yours.  .

And Finally, Self-Care 

Nourish your body, your sacred temple this moon cycle. Life will be picking up pace after a dozy summer, but that’s no reason to let your self-care rituals slide. Make time for yoga, for sleep, for washing your face and making a cup of herbal tea. Make time to meditate, to sit and do nothing and to rest. Your body is your earthly vehicle to create the experiences you want. The new moon in Virgo reminds us to honour our health and peace of mind.