Multicoloured universe background with number two's all over it.

2/22/22 marks a palindrome and an ambigram in the universe, which means today’s date reads the same left to right and upside down. Not only is it super exciting to see these symmetrical dates, but they’re also rare. This month we saw 2/2/22 and now we’re amping it up by also being on a Tuesday. Some are even calling this TwosDay. The other last time we saw a date like this it was on 12/12/12.

Today especially is a time to manifest and write down the goals you want for the future. The more specific the better because you’ll be able to help yourself achieve it with a guide.

These dates are significant because they create an extremely high vibration and are considered angel numbers. What are angel numbers? They’re a guide from those watching you above to let you know you’re on the right track and they’re supporting you along the way. Learn more about them here which goes into depth on why you’re seeing them, why you’re not seeing angel numbers anymore and more.

So with this being said, how are you going to vibe up your TwosDay? Let us know in our comments on Instagram.

Sending high vibes your way, even though the universe has you covered on that one today.