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Full Moon: December 12-14

Keywords: stirring, duality and pairs, opportunity for final release, healing, self-care, internal check-in, intensity, love and money matters

Restore Balance
It’s no secret that 2019 moved quickly and took no prisoners. If you’re feeling tired and drained at the end of this year, you aren’t alone. In fact, you may just be looking at the next few weeks with a prayer in your heart that you’ll make it through.

You may have been putting an extreme amount of focus and energy in one area of your life while other areas, including your self-care, went on the back burner. Take a moment and reflect upon where you perhaps dedicated an unbalanced amount of energy this past year and what tensions or upsets that may have caused you. For example, have you been hyper-focused on challenges at work while pushing your mental and physical health to the side? Or have you been over-serving in a one-ended relationship, while neglecting your own needs and undermining your sense of self-worth? Under this full moon, we will find that the imbalances that we have been feeding over the past 6 months are highlighted. We have a choice to make; will you bring these imbalances into the new year or will you set healthy boundaries for your energy and heart?

Embrace Solitude

In our reflections of 2019, don’t be afraid to step aside and make time for solitude so that you can catch up with your heart, mind and body. You may find information in the quiet that will serve you as you set your intentions for the year ahead. In fact, why not take out a big black marker and black out feelings, relationships, and positions that you know have no place in your new year. Honour the people and situations that brought learning lessons to your door, express your gratitudes and don’t be afraid to move on alone if necessary until you find the right pack to roll with.

As Matters Unfold In Love and Money

If you are entering this full moon with uncertainty in your heart and matters left unresolved in important areas such as love and money, expect that tensions in these areas will start to reach their height with this full moon with influencing astrological measures at play. Matters that have been simmering for the past 6 months will finally start to boil. You can take that hot energy and catapult it to your success or you can let it consume you. Trust that you will find resolution to what has been causing you inner turmoil soon,  but remember that you must play a strong role to ensure the scales are balanced in everyone’s favour. Your 2020 karma depends on it.

Above All, Be Kind

Whether 2019 is ending on the note you wanted or you are surprised with the hand you have been dealt, understand that there will be intensity under this full moon. While it can be difficult to stay calm and assured under pressure aggravated by a year end and full moon, remember to breathe and find kindness in your heart. ‘Tis the season after all. Express love not only to others, but also to yourself. It’s been a big year and you deserve it.