Full Moon: May 18th-May 21st

Keywords: Lust, death, taboo topics, emotional change and triggers, reconciling old traumas, sexuality, unconscious desires, connecting to our pleasure centres, empathy

Let’s Get Physical

Phew. The full moon in Scorpio is one lusty, heady and emotional period and you may be feeling a need to reconnect with yourself physically. Our inner sexual desires are called to the forefront and we are encouraged to deep dive into our fantasies, our urges and our calls to pleasure. Whether that’s alone or with a partner (or multiple) embrace the sexual prowess brought forward by the energies of Scorpio and get at it.

It’s Not All About Getting Busy

There are many other ways of honouring our sexuality without actually having sex. Our sexuality is apart of our human experience.  Women, for example, host creative potential and emotions in our wombs and sexual organs. By meditating on the power and beauty of our internal bodies, we are honouring our sexuality in a way that moves beyond physical pleasures. Take the time this full moon to gather and honour your divine femininity in a way that promotes bonding. It can be as simple as making time for a glass of wine and connecting with a best friend.

Emotions and Trauma

Our sexualities also house past emotional and physical trauma as well as current pains and angers. During this contentious period in history when women’s rights and bodies are being challenged and threatened, you may find many of your own emotions resonating to the forefront. Anger, betrayal, past traumas. We are housing quite a bit of sexually-driven anger in our bodies at the moment. You may be feeling extra emotional and slightly out of balance. Subconsciously we are experiencing the past rising up, including experiences that have been beautiful and those that have been terrible. You may find this translates into unexpected tears, inexplicable reactions, and snappy anger.

Shed The Old

When old emotions come up, we can let them go. With the Full Moon in Scorpio, we are invited to acknowledge our emotions, honour them and let past ideas and habits go. We cannot deal with things if they stay hidden, so let everything come up this Full Moon so you can express gratitude for your past experiences and finally move on. Summer is around the corner and it’s ready for you to step into it anew.