Desk with windows open showing the night sky with yellow full moon in background.

Full Moon: September 20th – 21st 

Keywords: organize, work, collaborate, trust, commitment, recuperate, take breaks

It’s time to take a break from the heat and chill out. Virgo season is all about getting tasks done and as summer comes to it’s time to get our grinds on, productively. We’ve taken the time to have fun in Leo season so now it’s time to take the confidence we’ve been carrying with us to Virgo season. This next month is filled with ambition, opportunity and success personally and professionally. From August 23rd to September 22nd, get ready to put in the work while living your best life. 

Ambition Here We Come

Ruled by Mercury which is all about communication, this earth sign is super focused and ready to complete the task at hand with little distractions. This analytical sign has a big brain and heart which gives them a powerful stance when it comes to putting their all into projects, passions and people. With loyalty running deep it can be easy to depend on Virgo’s if you have their trust and love. By being willing to go above and beyond for the people they’re the closest to, they need to be weary to bend and not break. They’re very reliable and can count on them to follow through with their word and commitment. Represented by the Virgin who recognizes the angel and devils we both carry on our shoulders and which direction to go with. Virgo’s including Pink, Mother Theresa, Prince Harry, Beyoncé, Keanu Reeves are all prime examples of individuals who have worked their way to be known by standing by what they believe in and working hard to get there. 

Work-Life Balance 

This next month is all about getting down to business. If you find yourself having racing thoughts, take a minute to stop and reflect on what your chaotic thoughts are about. Just because we’re staying focused, doesn’t mean we don’t have time for some fun. This could be a perfect opportunity to collaborate with someone(s) to expand on your own ideas and stay chatty while working. While we can get wrapped up in trying to get things done as fast as possible and squeeze in as many items into our day that we possibly can, it’s crucial to give yourself breaks. Let this be a good goal-setting time for the next few work months on how you can get your work done without sacrificing your mental and physical health, plans and more to get it done. Maybe this means altering your routine to create some extra me-time or scheduling designated break times and actually not thinking about work from your work. Putting all of these into practice will bring you to getting more work done and with a more upbeat attitude about the work ahead. I think we can tell why school was meant to start in September. 

New Moon, Harvest Moon & Fall Equinox 

A new moon in Virgo will appear Septmber 6th to welcome intention setting and give as half-way check-in point for this season. On September 20th we’ll witness the Harvest Moon known for its yellow appearance and as a sign to finish any tasks before things start to get a little chillier. September 22nd starts the autumnal equinox, also the first day of fall. This marks the sun rising and setting later, beautiful crisp leaves and cooler afternoons. Take time to make personal goals as well as the professional ones we mentioned. It can be super easy to get wrapped up in the hustle of to-do lists that we forgot to do ourselves. It’s also not time to be a perfectionist either. Making a goal to the journal is productive as we’re already in the groove of getting things done and it’s personal writing without needing an approval or higher-up edit. Throw on the old classic Harvest Moon by Neil Young and soak up the rest of warm nights.