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New Moon: September 28

Moon Cycle: September 28 – October 26  (Full Moon October 13)

Key Words: Enjoyment, good fortune, harmony, balance, negotiations, transformation, healing

Super Transformation

The new moon in Libra on September 28th is also a Super New Moon, meaning that we will be able to feel its potency and influence strongly. Further, its proximity to the Equinox means the veil between Earth and Spirit is thinner than normal. These elements combined will give us the opportunity to delve deeper into our consciousness to determine what seeds we would like to plant for this moon cycle ahead. So find time to indulge in quiet, solitude and delve deep inside. The opportunity is strong for deep and pure transformation ahead.

And change is all around us, indeed. The leaves are changing colour. The weather is turning cooler and we have just three months left of the year. We are accumulating the data we collected during the bustle of September and while we may find we are wanting to retreat inwards for warmth and comfort, this new moon in Libra encourages us to get out and in touch with others.

Good Vibes, Good Connections

The harmonious energy of Libra makes this a wonderful time to connect with our partners, family, friends and colleagues. Bonds can be strengthened under this Super New Moon so if you are feeling a call to connect deeper with those around you, reach out, make the move to explore a deeper realm of a relationship.

Harmony and balance is a strong theme with Libra. Not only are we invited to find harmony in our connections with others but we are also invited to find a harmonious balance between our attachment to our physical presence on this Earth and our Spiritual essence. We are reminded that our current Earth experiences are not permanent. We have been here before and we will be here again, in many forms and shapes. We often get so caught up in our day to day stresses that we forget to surrender to the will of the Universe. We forget that our current experiences are being offered up as soul lessons. What happens to us and around us does not dictate the meaning of our soul. Only in surrender can we find true alignment with our soul’s desire and path and only in surrender can we become better in our relationships, with ourselves and with others.

Release Stress, Stay True To You and Welcome Change and Love

We are welcomed to release past stresses under this new moon while standing firm in our vision for our futures. If you have been working hard on your dreams and goals, the opportunity for manifesting under this new moon is potent. Hold strong in your values and what you believe you are worth. Negotiate better for yourself if you are presented with something that asks you to compromise. The harmonious energy of Libra will support you in your vision and truth. Hold out for what is right and aligns with your vision for your future.

With that, however, be open to the various new ways your life can potentially unfold. You may find you are being presented avenues that represent strong change. Do not let your fear hold you back. Move forward with meditative grace.

The opportunity for love, fun and happiness is abundant with this new moon. So move forward with an open heart and say hello to the next step in your journey.