New Moon: August 30 – September 1st

Moon Cycle: August 30 – September 27  (Full Moon September 14-17)

Key Words: make it happen, excitement, refresh, next steps, energy, new ideas, new projects, inspiration, release the old, embrace the new, action, motivation.

While the new moon in Virgo is one of the most exciting times for those who are looking for a refreshing new start, it can come to us with a touch of melancholy. Yes, summer is over and what a summer it has been. The sun put many aspects of our lives into the spotlight, and for some of us, the glare was a bit too harsh. It’s possible that this summer revealed to you areas of your life that are seriously just no longer serving you anymore. Certain things that we have aligned our personal identities with for years (relationships, jobs, people, roles, Instagram accounts) could have started to feel like inauthentic representations of a new you. There is NO better time than a Virgo new moon to honour that internal change, let go of what is truly and deeply no longer serving you and plant the seeds for a new beginning.

Mars, Venus and Mercury, Oh My!

While all new moons are excellent times for new beginnings, the August 30th new moon falls in close proximity to Mars, Venus and Mercury, each of which will be add a bit of their special and unique magic to the manifestation process. With Mars in our corner, a planet of strong action, we will be motivated to push something new off the ground and get started on a new project or a new life direction. Let the energies of Mars carry you over your fears and into the next phase.

But remember, Mars can be a touch temperamental, so check yourself before you wreck yourself, aka, don’t get TOO impulsive. While we are being provided the energies we need to take the next step, don’t confuse taking action with impulse. Luckily the loving energy of Mercury will be on the sidelines to lend some grounding vibrations, helping to ensure we don’t get too carried away when it comes to assessing risks against positive next steps. Mercury will also lend some clarity to any situations that may have been feeling a little murky in our lives. But we will only be able to access this clarity if we stop and listen.

And whenever Venus is around, so is love. Venus will be in our corner this new moon to lend a healthy dose of love where needed; be it in our relationships or in our attitudes towards our selves. Set new intentions lovingly.

You’ve Been Here Before

But this time, you are more prepared and have a greater vision of where you want to be. As visions and desires for a new life experience have started to transpire for you this summer, you may have felt a tendency to be pulled towards old patterns of resistance. Fears and anxieties surrounding the unknown can have paralyzing affects, especially when we assess where they are coming from. Are your current fears valid or are they remnants of past experiences in your life (or a past life) when you may have encountered a challenging time? Is there any way you can swap those anxieties for excitement? Remember, you deserve good things to happen to you, so don’t let old fears pull you out of alignment.

Put Your Goals Out There

As mentioned above, you may have found this summer that there are some areas in your life that are simply no longer serving you, or require a serious refresh. There is no better time than the Virgo new moon to take the steps towards a new beginning as the energies of manifestation are high. Set aside some time this new moon to put down your goals on paper, on Pinterest, on a vision board, anything that inspires you. Just make sure your goals find a physical place outside of your body so that you can come back to them over the course of this moon cycle and next few months. Be ambitious! Nothing is out of the realm of possibility. Make this the new moon that was the start of the beginning of something beautiful.