Image by Phi Phi

This post is our way of manifesting a few more weeks of hot summer heat and beach/pool side days of this summer. So we thought we’d chat about sugaring, an incredible and even edible alternative to waxing and shaving. Made with three simple ingredients: sugar, lemon juice and water, it’s an amazing, natural option for silky smooth, hairless skin.

How It Works:

First, the three ingredients are heated into a sticky gel-like paste. The aesthetician then smoothes the paste on skin the opposite way the hair grows. After cooling for a few seconds, the paste is pulled off the same direction the hair is growing to reduce breakage. You may need to go through another round of this depending on how much hair is left over.

Why It’s A Good Option:

  1. All-Natural Ingredients: these help soften your skin and reduce irritation that can come from chemicals in wax, shaving gel and hair removal creams
  2. Less Painful: the sugar doesn’t stick to live skin cells like hard waxing and you don’t have to worry about nicks from shaving or burns from creams
  3. Less Environmental Impact: there’s no paper strips, plastic razors or plastic containers involved with sugaring, just wooden sticks and plastic gloves for sanitation

How Long Should My Hair Be?

Like regular waxing, your hair should be longer than a grain of rice so that all of the hair can come out completely, giving you the best results.


Avoid sweating, sex and taking baths or long hot showers for a few days after so you don’t get a build up of sweat that can cause ingrown hairs. Exfoliating a few times a week also helps to remove dead skin cells that can clog your pores.

Here are a few amazing spots to get your sugaring done across the country:


Toronto – Sugar Toronto 


Montreal – V & O Salon


Ottawa Peppermint Organic Spa


BC – Sugar’d