Between showering, doing our makeup, and everything in between we actually spend a lot of time in our bathrooms and because of that, it’s generally a good idea to ensure they are as free of chemicals and unnatural materials as possible. But that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice a convenient and clean bathroom because we’re woo-wooing it up! 

Other than adding in a plant or two to keep the air flowing, here’s a list of other must-haves for an eco-bathroom makeover.

Bathroom Cleaner from ATTITUDE

Easily get rid of unwanted gunk buildup with this plant based multi-surface bathroom cleaner. Simply spray and rinse the mineral based-formula that’s ideal to keep your bathroom green and smelling fresh with a natural citrus zest scent. 

Image from ATTITUDE Website


Cranberry Natural Foaming Hand Soap from The Green Beaver Company

Wash up with antioxidants thanks to this bubbly hand soap created with cranberry oil and Labrador tea to keep your skin hydrated after each wash. Enjoy the scent that stays with you to keep you smell enchanting post-wash.

Image from The Green Beaver Company Website 


Air Purifier & Odour Neutralizer from eco-max

Scented with essential oils and made with recyclable packaging, it’s the ideal item to add to your eco-bathroom for covering up anything lingering behind you. It’s safe for even fur and human babies, this magic spritzer purifies and neutralizes the air while leaving zero toxic chemicals behind.

Image from eco max website 


Hemp Shower Curtains from Dream Designs

Made with 100% natural hemp canvas, for zero leakage and with zero plastic or vinyl liner required. Coming in multiple colours, you easily machine wash these shower curtains to leave you feeling fresh. 

Image from Dream Designs Website 


Eco-Friendly Stripe Bath Towel from Simons

This eco-friendly plus chic towel is made with 100% cotton for great absorption to keep your skin silky smooth. There’s zero added dye to this festive fabric to make your shower non-too from start to finish. They also have matching face towels available on their website

Image from Simons Website