Full Moon: October 13-16

Keywords: release, new beginnings, leadership, progress, improvement, positivity, enjoyment

It is not surprising that this particular Full Moon falls over the Thanksgiving weekend, a time when we are called to express gratitude for our blessings. The astro-energy of October has been tense and rigid. You may have felt on edge, irritable, cautious and quick to anger and judgement. Various planetary alignments occurring since the beginning of the month and early this year have worked alongside transformational shifts both in our personal lives and on a global scale. We can observe this as we head into election time here in Canada and as conversations and international news start to become ever more intense. In short, we can expect 2020 to be a life-transforming year, one that we can start to create for ourselves more consciously in the final months of 2019.

Where Were You In April?

Taking a step back and reviewing where you were in April 2019 against where you are in this present moment is an excellent way to view your process and personal transformation. Were you challenged in some intense way? Where you asked to make big changes or step into new roles, personally and/or professionally?  Chances are your mindset and life position was different than it is currently. The last five-six months may have thrown challenges and obstacles our way, indeed. How did we overcome these challenges? Did we recover with grace? Or did we fall and collapse? Whatever the answer, this full moon will bring us into a spotlight, inviting us to release past ideas and habits, relationships and situations so that we can head into the new year with arms open for new and wonderful things to come. Let go of what was holding you back.

Release, Release, Release

If you have one mantra for this full moon, let it be “I release”. Release past expectations of who you thought you were meant to be. Release the tension and edgy irritability or need to control situations. Holding onto these things will simply work to hold you down. This full moon, we are finally granted permission to release the past and accept a free flowing sense of better energy and better circumstances. You deserve what you want, and only by releasing past expectations or belief patterns that do not serve will you get it.

Become a Leader in your Life

As Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, we are encouraged to leverage this leadership energy and step into our personal power for the new year that is speeding our way. Now is the time to put down your intentions and determine how you want 2020 to look for you. Embrace leadership, embrace the opportunity to step into the spotlight of your own life and start managing its direction. Refuse to take the back seat. Ask for exactly what you want and breathe freely into the new spaces you will start to manifest for yourself.