Image by John Fowler

Full Moon: July 16 – 19

Key Words: Eclipse, release, reset, intense emotions, feminist energy, acknowledgement of our needs, clearing baggage and old thought patterns, intuition, authority, seat of power

July’s full moon aligns with a lunar eclipse, working to amplify the potency of the energies around us. It’s like a regular full moon only stronger and more intense. If you are feeling a bit sluggish, heady, unsettled, hungry, creative, jumpy and are having difficulty focusing, you are experiencing the effects of the moon and the eclipse. Don’t fight it. Acknowledge what is happening on a physical level so that you can embrace the opportunities for growth and empowerment that are happening on a deeper level.

In fact, your emotions and physical reactions in general may have been more intense since the beginning of July with the new moon, which started with a solar eclipse and took us right into Mercury Retrograde. Sensations of feeling scattered and ungrounded are normal, as well as frustrations with human-made products and processes such as technology and transportation.

Expect to feel the reverberations of this astrological activity. The best way to deal with it is to understand what is happening and leveraging it to your advantage.

The Potential For Power Struggles

Have you been confronted with power struggles these past 6 months or so? With the Lunar Eclipse in close conjunction with the planet Pluto, there is an opportunity that the struggles we have been having within our various relationships may come to a head. In fact, expect confrontation, causing uncomfortable situations with less than desirable outcomes. And these power struggles may not only be with others. The astrological activities have our fight or flight reactions cued and our egos are working in overdrive, so it isn’t uncommon if you have been facing off with yourself lately either. You could be reverting to habits and self-destructive thoughts.

Ride the wave of your emotions, that are likely to be more sensitive this full moon. Practice mindfulness in your reactions to others and frustrating situations as well as in your reaction to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Don’t get mad if an action has not resulted in the desired outcome. Don’t start kicking yourself for missing a work out or a high pressure deadline. This full moon brings with it an excellent opportunity to release old imbalances and thought patterns. If you look hard enough, you might find that the battles you have been fighting with others or your ego the past six months are actually only hurting you. Is it worth it to hang on to bad energy?

But Take That Personal Power Back!

While we should work to avoid unnecessary and unproductive power struggles with others, this is an excellent full moon for taking back our personal power in whatever method best serves you. Part of taking back our personal power means letting go of people, situations, thought processes and bad habits that simply do no serve. When we no longer allow external forces to cause tension within our souls, we are on our way to reclaiming our personal power that may have been too caught up in our egos, ultimately holding us back from our proper purposes and full potentials.

The Ultimate Release and Reset

As the moon will be physically eclipsed, we on earth will go dark. During this darkness, we are called to release old ideas and behaviours and rebirth ourselves with a promising reset. This is actually an incredibly exciting opportunity to reset our paths and re-align ourselves with new goals, new possibilities and embark on a journey that feeds our souls deeper than before.

This Is A Turning Point, A True Opportunity

July’s full moon is truly a magical one. That said, it is also one in which we are called to be present and focused on ourselves rather than peering too much into the future. The potential for growth by shedding the past is so potent at the moment. It is important we remain grounded in our feelings and take the time to acknowledge and recognized anything you want to leave behind, so that you can make space for the new and exciting things that making their way to you.