The Importance of Ritual: Summer Solstice and Cancer Season Blog Image

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John Gibbons

For those who are very in tune with the planets and find themselves to be affected by natural and universal shifts, you may find yourself stepping into this Summer Solstice with an unexpected lump of emotion in your throat. Not only are we at a halfway point of the year, a time when we are meant to take stock of the past six months of our work, accomplishments, losses and spiritual growth, we are also at a critical period when we should be looking forward to the six months ahead, visualizing our next steps, setting our intentions, all while letting go of that which no longer serves us.

It’s a lot of pressure.

To top it off, this Summer Solstice happens on the exact same day when the sun moves into Cancer, which can characteristically be an emotional time. In addition to being the most emotional of all astrological signs, Cancer is also ruled by the moon, the ruler of all our feelings. So we have a trifecta of emotional turbulence running currents through our small human bodies.

So while we encourage acknowledging and honouring our tendency towards ups and downs, passionate outbursts, powerful tides of love and sincere vulnerability to heartbreak and disappointment, we do not view Cancer season as a time of weakness. To the contrary, the season of Cancer gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our hardshell strengths in the face of adversity, while embracing the opportunity to balance our masculine sun energy through the Summer Solstice with our feminine ties to the moon.

So How Do I Do That? 

Ritual. Ritual is everything when we are working with our universal connections. Rituals do not need to be anything extensive, that you’re not familiar with, they can be subdued, mindful moments of acknowledgment and self-love.

Here’s a couple ways to implement ritual this Summer Solstice:

Honour Your Work

Take 5 to 10 minutes and write down what you have accomplished over the past six months. Read your list as many times as you need to over the next few days to let acknowledgement of your accomplishments resonate within your soul. Further to that, write down what you want to let go, what hasn’t worked out and give yourself acknowledgement for trying. And then, tell yourself that everything that didn’t work out, or that no longer serves you is something you will not be taking into the next 6 months of the year with you. Let. It. Go. 

Smudge Your Space

Start the next six months off with a clean energy slate. Smudge your workspace, closets, and home with sage or palo santo. Clear old energy and make room for new positive frequencies.

Use Citrine

Said to embrace the energy of the sun, Citrine is one of the most powerful stones to use for stimulating passion, strength and the power of manifestation. Citrine is connected your Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras where our feelings of personal power, will and determination are found, as well as our capacity for abundance and joy.

Keep Citrine close to you over the next few days. Hold it in your hand while you meditate or visualize the next six months to come.

Self-Care with Meditation

This is a beautiful ritual that ideally we would make time for everyday. Take an hour to your self  and do something that is only and completely for you. Whether it’s yoga, a bike ride, a run, a salt scrub, drink a warm calming wellness tea afterwards. Then settle into a meditative state for about 10 minutes or more if you can. Clear your mind in preparation for what is right around the corner, while practicing tools to help deal with any Cancer-induced emotional tides.