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Lisa Hobbs

*Canadian Proud: All products in this post are from amazing Canadian companies we love!

We all know that our ability to cope with stress must ultimately come from within. There are practices we can introduce into our daily existence to reduce stress levels such as regular yoga and exercise, more sleep, cutting back on caffeine, etc. But what about the times when you feel the need to curb the anxiety quickly, efficiently and as soberly as possible? Or your mind is in overdrive and you can’t seem to find your breath, peace or sense of ease?

Simply recognizing our need for calm is the first step towards allowing it to enter our lives. Existing in a society that values hustle over harmony can be tricky for those who often find ourselves burning the candle at both ends without seeming to ever accomplish much.

Luckily, we are entering a time when people are feeling more secure to vocalize a need to stop and regroup. A simple evening of self-care and sleep can be the best thing to help us get back into alignment to meet daily challenges with love and perspective.

Giving yourself the gift of calm and deep rest naturally is easier than ever. We’ve curated a selection of our absolute favourite products (they’re ALL Canadian) to help get you there.


Stress Release Roll On from Blends With Benefits

New to the essential oil scene, this Canadian company with its super clever name and cute packaging, offers a 100% blend of pure essential oils in their Stress Release roll on. The mixture of neroli, orange, patchouli, rosewood, champa, and jojoba is the perfect recipe to incite feelings of calm through tried, tested and true aromatherapy practices. Simply roll on, breathe in and chill out.



Relaxation Booster from Well Told Health

(Formerly called Relaxation Booster)

Recognized for their collection of all natural Health Boosters crafted with nothing but organic vegan foods and absolutely no synthetics or fillers, Well Told Health’s Relaxation Booster is made with only two ingredients; organic lemon balm and organic goji berries. Taking two of these a couple hours before bed will help quiet the mind and allow us to sink into a state of calm and restful sleep.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Bar from Earth Luxe

Is there anything that Himalayan Salt can’t do? Using this magic mined salt in handheld crystal bar form all over your body will not only gently remove dead skin and pull toxins from the skin, but can also help reduce stress, muscle tension and exhaustion.




Lavender Orange Body Oil Epic Blend

Best used after a soothing hot shower, generously applying this body oil will have an immediate effect with its use of lavender essential oils. This Lavender Orange Body Oil will not only hydrate and moisturize, its scent is perfect to ground the senses and bring us into a state of calm.


Nightly Zen Loose Leaf Sleep Tea from Affect Health 

This blend of Passion Flower, Valerian, Oat Straw and Skullcap has been professionally formulated to help reduce stress, sooth anxious thinking and calm our central nervous system. A cup of this potent but soothing brew will help wind your body down for a good night’s sleep.