Lymphatic drainage massages are super gentile, light pressure massages that drain our lymph systems. The massage can take place in multiple areas of your body like the back of the neck, face and/ or legs, which is some of the places you’d find lymph nodes. That being said, the massage targets really specific spots of the body part in order to get right on the node to drain it. The treatment works by very lightly massaging the nodes to drain them, getting them back to their regular size flow without interruption. 

Our entire body is filled with lymph nodes from literally our heads to toes. They’re used to help our bodies filter out toxins but they can sometimes get backed up from things like a cold, stress or internal irritation. This is because our body uses our the lymph system to fight it, and our lymphs typically swell in areas that we feel the most pain, since they’re working extra hard in that space. These massages are an extremely non-invasive and relaxing way to target and reduce the amount swelling that can take place by super lightly massaging the nodes, rather than pressing hard like a typical massage. 


Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massages:

  • Reduced Swelling: it helps reduce inflammation in the overall area that the massage is being done, from lowering the swelling of the lymph nodes.
  • Detoxifying: especially if our lymphs are enlarged, the massages helps to keep a healthy lymph flow, while clearing out everything that’s been built up. 
  • Immune System Help: since our bodies look to our lymph systems for support, when they’re cleared, we can fight through a sicknesses easier.