With so much going on, it’s bound that we might experience some mental and physical stress, but there are plenty of things we’re able to do to help lower it. Crystals are one amazing way to help reduce stress and the good part is you don’t even have to do anything to absorb their energy. We’ve put together a list of crystals that you may even have in your collection right now to help reduce anxiety for yourself and those around you. Even if it’s not these ones, every kind of crystal contributes positively to us in some way, so no matter which ones you have, you know you’re getting benefits. Plus, what better way to reduce some stress than browsing local shops for beneficial finds?

Luckily there’s a lot of other ways you can help reduce our stress like:

  • Meditating
  • At-home yoga
  • Reading, journaling
  • Talking to friends & family
  • Cleaning, organizing
  • Going off-line
  • Cooking healthy drinks & eats

Here’s some top crystals that help reduce stress and the chances of it happening no matter what’s going on around us are:


When we focus on the present a lot of our stress disappears because we’re not worried about all of the “what if’s” and Lepidolite is perfect for that. It a good crystal during transitioning times because of its supportive balancing and nurturing energies. Lepidolite can also help heal other emotional stresses like anger and feeling overwhelmed, by creating a harmonious environment.

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Heart & Throat

Product: Lepidolite Tumbled Stones from The Rock Store


Like it’s soothing violet colour, Amethyst works to calm our nervousness and turns it into positivity, making us more productive. It’s peaceful properties make it a great stone for meditation. This purple delight, also helps with work-related stress, so you can keep some with you at work or come home to it and relax.  

Chakra: Crown

Product: Dainty Meditation Bracelet | Amethyst from Lisa Maxwell Jewelry



Our sleep sadly can suffer when we’re stressed because we’re tossing and turning and we’re thinking way too much, which is when this crystal kicks in. Celestite creates a peaceful sleep because of its healing, grounding and soothing properties, so putting it beside your bed is a good option. It also works to help us connect and communicate Guardian Angelswhich in times of need can help us by bringing in guidance and inner peace.

Chakras: Throat & Crown

Product: Celestite Air Plant Holder from Pine Flora


Black Rainbow Carborundum/ Rainbow Carbide   

Black Rainbow Carborundum is super useful in calming racing thoughts that can add so much stress to our situation. It keeps negativity away while shinning light on the dark parts of your life, while creating an overall tension lowering setting. Visually it’s stress reliving with hints of pink, turquoise, blues, purples etc. that come off of it, hence its name. 

Chakras: All

Product: Rainbow Carbide Cluster from Zaraluna


Nothing lowers stress more than happiness and that’s exactly what citrine does. It’s known as the optimism stone since it brings energies of positivity and peace. It’s a good stone for manifesting, so during times of stress it helps us create successful thoughts for the future, while enjoying what’s happening presently.

Chakras: Sacral & Solar Plexus  

Product: Citrine Gemmie Ring from Gemmie