We love a good lip gloss as much as the next person, but unfortunately a lot of brands have harmful ingredients in them that are damaging to our skin externally and us internally. Plus, sadly still test on animals. Whether it’s fragrance, metals or chemicals, they can impact our health in the short or longterm. We should be especially careful of what we put around our mouths because we have the potential of swallowing it. This is why we’ve put together a list of some beautifully shining lip glosses that are completely clean, so you can feel good that your external glow isn’t interrupting your internal one.


5 Completely Clean Lip Glosses:


Brand: boosh 

Featured Shade: Ruby

Get everything you’re looking for in a gloss: no stickiness, smooth shiny glide and the ideal amount of colour, without any chemicals. Boosh’s gloss uses natural ingredients to make you feel as good as you look like coconut oil for moisture and peppermint oil for a cooling sensation.  

Image from boosh Instagram & Website


Brand: Elate Cosmetics 

Featured Shade: Radiate

Leave your lips feeling fresh and cool with this peppermint essential oil infused lip gloss that also highly moisturizes. It mixes the perfect natural combo of coconut oil for shine and castor oil for colour, making it great for any occasion. 

Image from Elate Cosmetics Instagram & Website


Brand: Harlow Skin Co.

Featured Shade: Natural 

This multi-purpose Skin Gloss can be used on your lips, cheeks and eyes for a beautiful dewy look that protects while bringing benefits. It’s been created to enhance natural skin pigments and has ingredients like cocoa seed butter to nourish and beeswax for anti-inflammatory purposes. 

Image from Harlow Skin Co. Instagram & Website 


Brand: Zorah biocosmetiques

Featured Shade: Mya 

Treat your lips to an argan oil base that helps protect and repair your lips while they shine with a beautiful mineral pigment. With rich ingredients like shea and cocoa butter, it leaves your lips looking plump with a comfortable, non-sticky feel. 

Image from Zorah biocosmetiques Instagram & Website


Brand: Pure Anada

Featured Shade: Morganite

Nourish your lips with mineral metallics for a high shine and plant butters. It has zero silicone and artificial colours/ flavours so you can feel confident so what’s going on your lips is not only going to give you an amazing glow but is also beneficial.

Image from Pure Anada Instagram & Website