Rose Quartz: Embrace the Power of Pink Blog Image


Image Source: Energy Muse

Aesthetically pleasing and the perfect compliment to Instagram flat lays, Rose Quartz has been manifesting itself increasingly into our daily experiences at Age of Lapin and we thought it was time to pay more attention.

Naturally attractive with a light pink hue, Rose Quartz has long been deemed the stone of the hopeless romantic and has been used in love ceremonies and rituals for centuries. While it was Greek and Roman myth that first deemed Rose Quartz the stone of love, early Egyptians were the first to use it in beauty rituals, with the belief that it could prevent signs of aging.


Whether in its raw form or polished state, the soft pink of this stone will, without a doubt, magnetically draw those who are most in need. And while those who are looking for relationship love may search out Rose Quartz to assist in this area, we have found it to be a stone that works powerfully when we are in need of boosting our own love of self. You may find yourself drawn to Rose Quartz if you are feeling a need to reassert your personal determination in life or if you are feeling out of alignment and in search of something to soothe your soul.


Our relationship with ourselves is the ones we must pay strongest attention to in order to ensure other areas of our lives flow with positivity. If we are lacking in self-love, then all other areas of our lives are likely to be affected; relationships, work, and even our health.


Healing Properties (Emotional/Energy)

A stone of universal love, Rose Quartz is naturally healing, bringing forth warmth and compassion and is used to restore trust and harmony within self and for others. Rose Quartz encourages us to move towards self-acceptance and self-love, making it easier to extend these feelings towards those in our lives and those we come in contact with. Rose Quartz is useful for dispelling harmful negativity, and opening the heart and soul to welcoming more loving vibrations into your existence. Rose Quartz can have a calming affect, bringing peace and harmony to those suffering inner turmoil and grief. Rose Quartz can activate our Heart Chakra and as it is considered one of the stones of the Great Mother, it can also aid in our feelings of oneness with the Earth and Universe as a whole.


Daily Application

Meditating: Meditating with Rose Quartz will work towards releasing old emotional patterns that hold us back, and increase our vibrational frequency of compassion, both for others and the self.

In the Work Place: A piece of Rose Quartz in the work place can bring calming energy and aid in keeping nasty workplace gossip at bay.

In the Home: An excellent piece to keep on a mantle or beside the bedside table, Rose Quartz will elicit a calming and loving energy, opening members of one’s household up to greater communication, compassion and love.

Jewellery: Its lovely pink tone makes Rose Quartz a gorgeous piece of spiritual jewellery. Wear a piece of Rose Quartz to insert compassion, self-love and expressions of peace into your day to day.


Six easy ways to incorporate Rose Quartz into your daily life.