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Super Wolf Blood Moon: January 20th

Key Words: Change, Opportunity, Attention, Creativity, Unexpected Events, Confidence, Frustration, Drama

Change is on the horizon. You may have been feeling slight shifts lately as we softly eased into the new year. Things that appeared a bit murky in December are slowly starting to become clear, even if you don’t really want to acknowledge the truth. This Super Wolf Blood Moon may throw us a few curve balls, but could also bless us with opportunity.

This Sunday evening, around 10:36 EST, the Earth will be positioned between the sun and the moon, causing a “blood red” shadow across the moon’s surface, hence the phrase “blood moon”. The January full moon is called the Wolf moon because in traditional and earlier times, this is the month when the wolves howled from winter hunger, particularly during the full moon. So again, the term sounds much more sinister than it really is.

Move Slowly, Softly

That said, we would do well to proceed with caution, and brace ourselves for unexpected change and resulting feelings of fear and anxiety. There will be shifts in power at play and you may notice them in your work or personal life. Observe closely the relationship dynamics in your life right now and how others around you are unknowingly being affected by this astronomical event. Do you see higher instances of tension, displays of anger, flashes of temper and frustration? Are people overstepping their mark with you, through an unwarranted sense of power and position?

You may find that you are quick to temper yourself, or find that your typically grounded mind is getting caught up in anxiety-driven thoughts. This is not a full moon to broach relationship or work issues. Focus on getting yourself grounded in the present moment and peacefully observe how you can leverage the moon’s powerful energies to your advantage.

Creativity and Opportunity

This eclipse brings with it energies of opportunity. 2018 was a year of inner ground work for profound change, essentially setting the stage for your debut. The time has come for you to step out of the shadows and fully embrace this new expression of who you are and who you want to be. We will be gifted bursts of creativity, energy and focus with this powerful celestial happening and those of us who are wise will use it to our advantage. Listen to your inner being as it will be forthcoming with information on what you truly want, as well as provide insightful guidance on creative ways to go and get it. Don’t shy away from recognition and spotlight over the next few days. Lean into the shifts and changes happening around you and embrace opportunities as they come your way. It’s time to satiate the hungry wolf inside you and get what you want and what you deserve.

Keep Cool 

This shouldn’t be hard as temperatures continue to plummet. Remember we may encounter anxiety-driven situations such as technology that refuses to cooperate, or work/personal relationship upheavals. Knowing that we may be prone to hot tempers gives us the power of mindfulness when we structure our reactions. Face challenges with a level head. Things are never as bad as they seem. And nothing is bad enough to defeat you and your beautiful spirit. Set intentions of joy and you’ll come through this Super Wolf Blood Moon with money in the bank.