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Whatever you’re headed back to this back-to-school season, it’s always nice to add a little refresher to your beauty regimen. This Virgo season is all about getting work done efficiently and often so it’s the perfect time to treat yourself for all of the hard work. We’ve created a list of some go-to beauty tools that can be used to give yourself a scheduled self-care evening, made by some amazing Canadian brands. 


Reusable Silicone Eye Mask | Consonant Skincare

Reusable Silicone Eye Masks on peach background

Image from Consonant Skincare’s Instagram

We all love a good eye mask but sadly they often come at the expense of the environment, but Consonant Skincare has changed that game right up. This May they launched these reusable ones which after use are cleaned and put back into their bag. It’s made out of medical-grade silicone and can be paired with your favourite eye creams or one of theirs and more of their reusable tools including a chest and neck mask can be found here.


Dual-Action Jade Roller | Province Apothecary 

beauty tool flat lay

Image from Province Apothecary’s Instagram

A two-sided roller to match your mood and skin goal of course, made with high-quality Xiuyan Jade. The texture studied end gently promotes a boost by diving into a deeper layer of your skin and gently exfoliates to allow your products to soak in further. For the smooth end, if you put it in your freezer before use brings an awesome cooling effect plus promotes lymphatic function and eases muscles and calms irritated skin. The other beauty tools featured here are their Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush and Sculpting + Toning Facial Cupping Set.


Natural Stone “Gua Sha” | Pithy Apothecary 

Jade, Rose Quartz and Amethyst Gua Sha Tools in a woven basket

Image from Pithy Apothecary’s Instagram

The Gua Sha is a super helpful tool to depuff, increase circulation and help with lymphatic drainage in your face, neck and chest. This Vancouver-based brand sources materials from the owner, Vivian’s hometown in China and is committed to providing the finest ingredients with a lot of education in the creation of each product. From tools to cleansers Pithy Apothecary has everything you’re looking for with made with intention.


Thic Essential Set | Thic 

Hair oil, scrunchies and a thic comb

Image from Thic’s Instagram

Welcome to the trio you’ve been looking for! The Thic Comb is hypoallergenic, and made from eco-friendly plat-based Cellulose, not to mention are super chic with a stunning marble pattern. The super elegant Thic Scrunchies come in a variety of colours and are super gentle so you don’t have to worry about any tugging. Thic’s Restorative Hair oil is made with real ingredients like hemp and grapeseed oil while serving as a heat protectant and moisturizer for all types.


 Body Crescent | Detox Mode

Wooden body sculpter in shape of crescent moon

Image from Detox Mode’s Instagram

The crescent shape, allows body oils and creams to seamlessly glide across your skin and gives you a chance to watch and embrace every part of your body. The handle gives you the perfect grip to trace yourself and is lightweight so you can fully relax. It’s made with FDC-certified beech wood that gives a beautiful brown colour and encourages lymphatic drainage in your whole body (move up towards your heart), removes toxins and more. Pair it with your favourite body oil or their Altogether™ Oil.