Sphere ice cubes with flowers infused in them

Cover Image by @solod_sha

We’re still facing some pretty hot days to come so why not cool off in a cute way with infused ice cubes! These are a perfect way to add a nice pop of colour to any drink and a flavour boost too. Whether you’re creating a cocktail, sipping on some lemonade or want to add something fun to your glass of H20, there are endless options to jazz up your cup. And it’s super easy. Add your ‘toppings’ to your ice container, fill the rest with water and freeze. Check out some of our favourite things ways to make infused ice cubes.

Mint & Lime: refreshing combo that’s good soothes and cools.

Blueberry & Rasberry: boldly stunning and antioxidant-filled.

Grapefruit & Ginger: adds a zing cut by the bitterness of the grapefruit.

Edible Flowers: beyond beautiful and available at your local flower shop, look for lavender and chamomile at a bulk foods store or Ottawa Edible Flowers has crystalized shipping options or local delivery.