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We know a good space when we see one and Parkdale’s newest neighbourhood studio is not only one of the most aesthetically pleasing spots to practice yoga in town, it’s carefully crafted atmosphere makes it an ideal location to find calm and headspace through the practice of meditation.
All Images By Lindsay Duncan
Aside from its Instagrammable qualities, we’re drawn to the ethos behind Good Space and the approach to class descriptions on the schedule. Good Space defines its classes under the three categories of move, ease and still.
We spoke with Megan, owner of Good Space to learn more about her background and why she chose this particular direction.
What brought you to open Good Space? 
I’ve been practicing yoga for ten years but it was in the last three that I came to realize the benefits of the whole yoga philosophy beyond just the asana (physical postures). 
I was working at a studio in Melbourne, Australia, that I really connected with. The space was beautiful and what I learned, both on and off the mat, was invaluable. I wanted to create a community of people that would share, and participate in, an understanding of modern yoga philosophy: using lessons from a practice that has been around for thousands of years and applying them to handling stresses and seeing contentment + happiness in the modern world. 
The philosophy and schedule of  Good Space is different to a typical yoga studio. Can you explain a little bit about why you went with this three-tiered direction of offerings; Move, Ease, Still?
The simplicity of the class schedule was the first step in developing an approachable and accessible space for devout practitioners and newbies alike. I want the benefits of the practice to be digestible for everyone so instead of overcomplicating the names of classes, I left it quite simple: do you want to move your body, relax in restorative poses, or meditate? Choose one and take class accordingly. 
As the concept of mindfulness and the idea of a routine meditation practice continues to permeate the mainstream conversation, what would you say to people who may view it as a “just a trend”? 
I think those people should try it for 30 days and then make the call whether they want to treat it like a passing trend or not. 
For people who are new to yoga and the idea of meditation, why is Good Space a good place to start? 
We’ve designed our classes to be approachable for everyone, even those looking for a space to simply move around in. The mindfulness sneaks its way into the instruction so the classes feel reflective and soulful without being preachy. Our meditation classes are also offered by donation so there’s not a financial barrier if you’re looking for some quiet space.
On the Good Space website, you ask each of your instructors to share what defines a “good space”. What defines a good space for you? 
Connection between people, curiosity, open-mindedness, music, good lighting, warmth, hygge.