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Garrett Sears
When dealing with our spiritualities, the idea of getting grounded may seem counterproductive. After all, aren’t we always working to align with our higher self? However, while some of us may constantly have our heads focused on the workings of the moon, or are thinking about the universe and the stars, it is important to maintain a strong connection with the grounding energies provided to us by our planet Earth.

When working with practices like Law of Attraction, for example, it can be easy to let our minds wander far and wide, developing and visualizing our desired paths and futures. But the practice of grounding our selves in the present is extremely important to staying aligned with our higher selves.

Further to that when working in our day-to-day experiences, it can be easy to let our heads move quickly to the future, worrying about what needs to be done and how you are going to do it, or focusing on the incessant “what ifs” of every day life. When our minds begin to spin, it can generate worry, doubt and keep us from the task at hand. We can feel less productive, less focused and more stressed.

Getting yourself grounded in the here and now can be done anywhere, any time. Here are a few ways to practice getting grounded, fast.


Go Barefoot 

Easy enough right? The simple practice of taking off your socks and shoes, whether you are inside or out, can help you feel connected to the earth below you, fast. Try to walk barefoot at home more regularly, being mindful of why. The simple movement of taking your socks off and placing your bare feet on the floor, while mindfully saying the word “grounded” in your head, will help you achieve it.


Burn Palo Santo

Palo Santo has been recognized for its soothing and healing qualities, known to keep our energies clear and grounded. The earthy aromatic scent of Palo Santo can help bring our minds back down to Earth, while providing clarity to our minds and a grounded sense to our inner beings.


Use Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline can help clear or neutralize negative thoughts. It is commonly used in practices of grounding and can add as a protective force from experiences or people that may seek to drain your positive energy. Black tourmaline is associated with our root chakras, and activates our feelings of security.



Journalling helps you get connected to the physical quickly. The practice of having a pen in your hand and a notebook in front of you helps you formulate your thoughts. Even if you are applying a stream of consciousness practice, the act of getting your thoughts out of your head and into a physical space will work to ground and calm the mind.


Simple Yoga Poses

It’s in the name. Simple poses like Tree or Mountain can help you feel connected to the earth below you, calm your heart and steady the mind. And they can be done anywhere, any time.



Conscientiously clearing your head space while connecting to your physical being, will help you come back into a state of feeling grounded and connected with the earth. The simple act of feeling your back against a cushion or taking a moment to be mindful of how you are breathing will help you find alignment, as well as gives you an opportunity to appreciate with how your physical body works and connects with the physical around you.