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Alexandra Andersson
While there are so many amazing plant-based Instagrammers,  we wanted to the acknowledge a handful of home-grown Canadians that are making huge impacts in the vegan food scene.

Whether you’re starting your journey into the vegan space or simply looking for a few delicious recipes to help reduce your meat foot print while still being delicious, we recommend following these plant-based powerhouses ASAP.

Angela Liddon

Arguably the most widely recognized vegan in Canada, Angela Liddon, creator of the Oh She Glows blog, has amassed a following that steps well over the Canadian border, with a global following of over 600K on Instagram. The tone of Angela’s cookbooks and blog is extremely approachable, with an open and honest foreword about how she came into the vegan lifestyle and what inspired her journey to create easy-to-follow recipes that would please both vegans and meat-lovers alike. We also love the ingredients she uses can easily be found in Canada which is a huge win!

From Oh She Glows Instagram 


Lauren Toyota

We love Lauren Toyota’s approach to plant-based living. The woman is on a mission to make the vegan lifestyle mainstream, and encourages a joyful approach to the concept of consuming delicious plant-based meals with pleasure and fun. Coming from an entertainment background, Lauren’s YouTube channel is full of delicious recipes and great advice on plant-based life.

  From Lauren Toyota Instagram


Erin Ireland

Working as a food reporter, Erin discovered her passion and purpose; to raise awareness for plant-based eating, demonstrating how the lifestyle can be nutritious, delicious and always cruelty-free. We love her authentic voice and how she showcases the food she makes and eats through her iPhone, as opposed to highly glossed over professional photo shoots, showing us what recipes will actually look like (still amazing by the way!)

From Erin Ireland Instagram


Plant Based Toronto 

Although local to Toronto, the Plant Based Toronto blog offers a range of amazing recipes and tips on vegan living that are great for all Canadians like how to get started on your new vegan journey, and our favourite, a 101 on Nutritional Yeast.

From Plant Based Instagram 

Steph Yu

Like Angela Liddon, Steph came to veganism as a step towards recovery from an eating disorder. Her spiritual take on the plant-based lifestyle is truly inspiring, and well followed by 200K Instagram followers. Steph shares her experiences on her YouTube channel and as a plant-loving podcaster

From Steph Yu Instagram


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