How do you make a hot shower on a cold winter day even better? A fresh hanging eucalyptus bouquet. While we usually hear about eucalyptus essential oil being put into diffusers or products such as creams, placing a eucalyptus bouquet in the shower will cause the steam warm up the plant and release its essential oils, bringing out tons of health and wellness perks. It’s a really easy way to enhance your shower while bringing added benefits for your mind, body and soul.

Benefits of Hanging Eucalyptus in Your Shower:

  • Treat Colds: Eucalyptus is a power plant that drains and clears your sinuses to help reduce congestion from stuffy nose, sore throat, cough and headache to help you breathe a lot easier in times of need.  
  • Ease Pain:  Its anti-inflammatory and cooling properties help to reduce irritation that comes from things like sore muscles, cold sores and arthritis. The steam helps to cover your body from head to toe to soak in all of the benefits.
  • Stress Reliving: Not only does it helps clear your sinuses, but eucalyptus will help clear your mind as well! Every time you step in the a eucalyptus shower, you’re soaking in benefits such as helping to reduce anxiety, boost positivity and increase productivity.
  • Fantastic Scent: There’s nothing like the fresh smell of minty/ herby eucalyptus to awaken your senses and bring you into a new world. 
  • Beautiful Aesthetic: Hanging eucalyptus in your shower ads a really pretty look that’ll make you feel like you’re showering in a vacation destination. Check out our article 5 Items To Eco-Up Your Bathroom for more ways to enhance your bathroom.

How to Hang It, 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Buy Some Fresh Eucalyptus: find this at your local grocery store or flower shop
  2. Make Your Bouquet: with anywhere from 3-10 stems, depending on how intense you want the scent to be. Tie the ends together with some wire or string to connect them.
  3. Hang Under The Shower Head: Using a wire or string, place your eucalyptus bouquet


The plant is hanging in a moist environment which will increase it’s hydration, so they will typically need replacing every 2-3 weeks. Listen to your inner planter and if you see it’s dying, use your judgement on when it needs to be composted, or dried to be used as decor and fresh eucalyptus bouquet needs to be started.