New Moon: February 23-26

Moon Cycle: February 23- March 23

Keywords: Exciting opportunities, confidence, opportunity to learn, develop talent, initiative, new projects, ambition, creativity, positivity

Change Is On The Horizon

Doesn’t it feel like 2020 has already been forever? While change seems to be all around us (people leaving for new roles and jobs, friends moving away, relationships ending or progressing) it may feel like you have been stuck with your own stagnant goal list. You have had things you’ve wanted to accomplish for a while now and it could feel like you’re trudging through waist-high mud to achieve. With Pisces acting as the last sign of the zodiac, a reflection of the past 12 months is entirely normal. Where were you this time last year? What progress has been made?

Don’t be surprised if things that started this time last year finally reach a conclusion or grant a sense of completion under this new moon. However, don’t expect a “flip of the light switch” instant change. Pisces energy is soft and subtle, encouraging us to go within to reflect upon the changes that are happening slowly around us. And as we’re in the midst of Mercury Retrograde (February 17-March 10), clear communication, concrete answers and resolutions are even harder to come by. So take it easy on yourself and your demand for answers and movement RIGHT NOW. Understand that good things come in due time. This new moon is a positive and uplifting one so look towards the horizon.

Bold and Beautiful

If you’ve been looking for a bit of a confidence booster, this new moon in Pisces is just what the naturopath ordered. As the new moon is sextile Mars, we will have access to strength and courage we may have been lacking recently. Long winters have the tendency to wear down hard, which can affect our how we feel about ourselves and ultimately blur our path forward. Use this new moon energy to break free of self sabotage and step forward in the strength that you know is laying underneath. You will have planetary alignment supporting you to make emboldened choices and literally let all the limitations you have been setting on yourself to float away into the Pisces water.

This new moon invites us to be bold in what we want and to believe that what we have been chasing for so long truly is on its way to us. The universe wants us to have exactly what we are envisioning, so keep steadfast in your dreams. Don’t let small things knock you off your path. This isn’t the time to feel sorry for yourself. Expect challenges as you move towards your goal, but embrace the softness of Pisces to reduce anxiety and and keep your eye on the prize.

You Can Do It

This is an excellent new moon to break free of self-imposed limitations – i.e. I can’t, it’s too far, it’s too hard, it’s taking too long, it’ll never happen. Anything and everything is possible with this new moon, and if we take time to address our wants and needs in a direct matter, our capacity for manifestation will be greatly heightened. Consider this new moon as a time of completion. Honour what is leaving your life (people, relationships, jobs, experiences) and clear space for the things you have been calling in for a long time. Sometimes we experience self-imposed blockages. Leave all self-sabotaging behind and move forward this new moon. Get what you want and what you deserve.