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Full Moon: November 12-15

Keywords: abundance, turning dreams into reality, rewards, release, positivity, embrace, financial uplift, strength, stability and energy

Can you feel it? There’s a collective uplift in mood and a sense of security and positivity. After months of not knowing what was coming down the pipe, of worry and feelings of insecurity, of intense energy that pushed so much to the surface, this full moon in Taurus is finally confronting us with the truth. And the truth is, things aren’t so bad after all. In fact, they are pretty amazing.

2019 was a year of truth. Many of us were called to come face to face with our shadows, our inner truths and our deepest fears. Why am I not happy? Am I feeling challenged enough? Am I being pushed too hard? What changes do I need to make? Who or what in my personal life is no longer serving me? Am I willing or trusting enough to let go?

Sweet ReleaseĀ 

For many of us, this full moon in Taurus will bring a great sense of release. We overcame a lot in this past year, and faced a lot of hard truths. And at the end of the day, the world didn’t end. The changes didn’t damage us. We are still here and we are strong and there is great power in that. So honour your year under this full moon and allow stresses and burdens to melt away. Throw unnecessary worries from yourself and focus on the possibilities that ahead, for there are many great opportunities under this full moon and we will do well to open our hearts to the bounty that is up for grabs.

Harvest and Abundance

A theme of the Taurus full moon is one of abundance, especially in areas of finance. It’s time to cash in on your hard work. Allow new possible streams of financial rewards and allow them to flow into your life. You have certainly worked hard this year and it is time to harvest with a heart of full of gratitude. The full moon around Taurus is an excellent time to seek out new financial gains or to simply allow them to flow into your life. Remove any resistance you may have towards your gains. You are worthy of receiving.

That said, be mindful that your focus is not resting too hard in the material world. While financial abundance can bring a sense of security, remember that happiness does not come from things. Invest and save money wisely and do not be seduced by material things that promise quick fixes to non-problems.

Make It Happen

The time has come. Planetary alignment is on our side during this full moon, increasing our chances of making magic happen. Our dreams and goals have a supercharged energy behind them. Put in the extra work, the extra meditation, the extra intention and manifest what you came for when we started 2019. Make it happen and remember to express gratitude along the way. If things didn’t turn out exactly as planned, reflect and look to lessons we can embrace. Take what you have learned and embrace the bounty. Allow the beautiful life you came here to experience happen. You are worthy.