Owl eyes with a moon reflection and Aquarius symbol

New Moon: February 16th – 18th | Cold Moon

Moon Cycle: January 19 – February 18

Keywords: thinking, community, growth, independence.

The sun is in Aquarius aka we’re ready to be in charge of what we want. Take this time to use your motivations to drive your next moves. The easy-going airy energy from the ruling sign makes these things more achievable. Represented by the owl, the independent, wise and humble animal of the forest, we can expect to mimic exactly this. Enjoy your month, we’ve got plenty to look forward to and keep your eye on the prize. The cold moon is coming in on January 16th, which calls for bundling up, both literally and figuratively.

Community Support

It’s fair to say that as much as we want to get back out there into our “normal” life, covid seems to keep popping back up. Try to think about the fact that it’s a global experience we’re going through as individualized as it may seem because we’re all facing different things from this pandemic. Use your community for support to do the best that you can with the situation in front and continue to get through it together. It’s also a big-time to get social, as the airy Aquarius loves to hang. Find a way to make time for things that bring you joy and do it with a friend.┬áRemember back when people were doing street concerts for their neighbours at the start of the pandemic? Let’s get back to those friendly vibes, with less of the unknown stress.

Words to Ourselves

Aquarius individuals like to be bold, but don’t let this get too ahead of you though. Sometimes, keeping quiet is a better response to someone irritating you than to fight it with fire. Taking the high road always leaves you feeling better than arguing and spending the rest of the day thinking about it. Especially since Aquarius is big into deep thinking let yourself have a little break when you can.

Dreamers in Reality

Now that the New Years’ buzz is fading a little bit, it’s time to get down into our goals and leave out the fluff. Aquarius energy will help by powering up its analytical side. How can you make your dream a reality? By living it! Maybe the old fake it till you make it is exactly what we need (but don’t forget to feel your true feelings).

Lunar New Year

On February first, the Lunar New Year is coming in with a roar with the tiger representing it. You can find more about the Lunar New Year in our New Year vs birthday reset poll debate article here where we asked our Instagram followers which feels like more of a reset to them.