A person’s hand touching a white cake with a pink tiger on it.

We’re about a week into the New Year and how are we all feeling? Motivated, enthusiastic, nervous? There are endless things we could be, let’s just make sure we’re being self-aware! As we step into 2022, Age of Lapin is wishing everyone good vibes to come.

Year of the Tiger  

Tuesday, February 1st marks the Lunar New Year, with the tiger being this year’s Chinese Zodiac sign. Lasting until January 23rd, 2023, we’ll be facing all things with strength and bravery. One of the main colours for this tiger-based year is blue, which brings a sense of tranquility. Add Eye of the Tiger by Survivor to your playlist and work 2022.

From Our Followers!

New Year vs Birthday Reset Poll

We asked our Instagram followers through a poll that feels like more of a reset to them, New Year’s Eve or their birthday. The answers: 55% NYE and 45% B-days. Here are what some followers had to say: 

  • “Neither. I feel like September is the reset – I still get those back-to-school vibes despite having been out of school for over 10 years. I also find September to be a time to slow down and resented and dig into projects after the flurry of activity that is summer.”
  • These are essentially the same for me! Lol! My birthday is today Dec. 30th. For me, a trigger for reset is more within rather than an external date.”
  • “For me, New Years is Halloween where the Pagan calendar resets. So for me it’s I have two or three times a year that are kind of a reset so my birthday is it in my bond and spring that’s the opposite of Halloween and then Halloween which is Samhain.”

Some Thoughts: 

New Year’s Eve could be looked at as a globally bigger reset as it’s something that people in every country experience at the same time. Birthdays perhaps take on a more personal approach. Whatever the day or vibe is for you to reset, remember to take the time to do it! 

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! We love getting to chat and interact with you. 


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