white hose running out of full moon

Inner Circle Strength 

Represented by half person half horse, they show characteristics of strength, resilience and power. When they walk into a room their presence is known. They’re super confident, and they’re happy to transfer that confidence to the people around them. The ones they love are so lucky because they’re extremely loyal and do everything possible to protect them. They like to stay feeling free so being tied down isn’t something they typically enjoy but will do it for their inner circle. They’re always thinking of the ones they love, even though they may not seem like it because their not much bothers them mantra. 


Confidence is Key 

You may find yourself taking on a lot in many aspects of life. As a half horse, Sag’s tends to carry the load of others. If people are opening up to you with personal stories, it may be heavy on your heart. You may also find your work life to be hectic, but remember it’s because you’re such an asset. So with that, time for self-care is extra needed during the next month. Write a list of all of the things that you love to do to tune into your most peaceful state and try to do once a day! Your relationships in life will be ready to take the deeper steps as your loyalty grows stronger. Really take in the moments that you notice opening up with family, friends, partners… Remember the confidence of a Sagittarius and stand tall! 


The Many Moons of Sag Season 

A new moon and solar eclipse land on December 4th, which means future intention making time. We’ve been working so hard at our dreams and maybe even feel like they’re too far away to reach some days. Write it all down. Put it on your vision board. Just get it out of your head and into the universe. Focus on the thing that you’re worried may or may not happen and instead of letting it consume you so you can’t take action, let it start taking action on its own. We’re going to be focusing a lot on our inner circle so we need to also take the time for ourselves. On December 18th, we’re welcoming the Full Moon (Cold Moon), which gets its name from the rather chilly months we have approaching. Get snuggled up in your layers and take the time to really chat this season.