While the promise of spring is just around the corner, it can be hard to align ourselves with ideas of sunshine and warmth as winter seems content to have us remain in its hold a little while longer. If you are like most, the dreary days added up can do a number on your feelings of ambition, alignment and connectivity to Source and your inner voice. Creativity may feel dulled, energy low and your fire may need a little spark.

With Aries season afoot, it’s an excellent time to re-ignite the fire within and activate your sacral chakra, your creativity, passion and lust for life. Here are some amazing methods and tools to activate your sacral chakra, shake off winter and re-ignite your inner force.

The Activity – Box n’ Burn

As dedicated as we are to finding alignment through yoga, sometimes forcing stagnant energy out of you with high intensity activity can be a welcome change to yoga’s flowing and coaxing method. Activities such as boxing style fitness classes, spin classes and even a visit to a studios like Barry’s can awaken your body and inner being from its winter slumber and get you pumped up for life.

At the moment, we’re loving Drop Boxing – a new boxing fitness studio opened on Spadina in Toronto. With motivational quotes embedded tastefully in the decor, you can feel yourself start to motivate from within upon arrival. Once you’re in the Drop Room, your 50 minute class goes by in a flash of fire, music and pleasurable muscle burn. You’ll leave feeling accomplished, strong and excited to come back.

Images From Drop Boxing Instagram


The Stone – Tiger’s Eye

We’ve talked before about how Citrine is an amazing stone for activating and connecting with your sacral chakra. When our sacral chakra’s are suppressed, it is difficult to access our passion, our joy, our creativity, our ability to manifest abundance and even our connection to our sexual selves. Another stone to connect with when you need a fiery boost is Tiger’s Eye. This stone is said to give the boundless energies and unwavering focus of the tiger. Meditating with Tiger’s Eye placed close to your sacral chakra can work to activate your inner fire as well as impart needed waves of self-compassion. As the winter has been harsh on our earth, so we too can be on ourselves when we are feeling tired and dull. Accessing the bright and warm energies of the Tiger’s Eye is an excellent way to step into the next phase of your journey.

Image from The Healing Chest


The Potion – Moodbeli Bliss Booster

Nothing lights your inner fire better than cayenne. Available at The Truth Beauty Company, theĀ Moodbeli Bliss Booster is a cayenne-spiked raw cacao and maca root blend with notes of cinnamon said to help relieve stress, enhance vitality, and bring the mind into the present.

Cacao is a natural mood elevator. It contains high levels of iron, magnesium, calcium and anti-oxidants. Maca improves mood, energy, and skin.Cayenne boosts metabolism, helps digestion and provides detox support. Himalayan pink salt provides the body with essential minerals, balances electrolytes and pH, and supports optimal nutrient absorption.