Full Moon: April 19th-21st

Keywords: Balance, finding value in self and relationships, self-worth, shifting, next steps, ego release, back to centre

March’s full moon in Libra invited us to step through a new open energy portal that is finding its close with this full moon in April, which is also in Libra. In March, you may have felt a powerful shift start to occur in and around you. Doubts heightened, stresses emphasized and the ever existential questioning of “what does this all mean?” came into play. What are we doing with our lives? Is the path I am currently on the one I am meant to walk for the rest of my days? Am I resigned to this office, this house, this relationship forever?

The Answer Is Hard To Except

This past month or so so, we have been coming face to face with answers that we may or may not have wanted to confront. The reason is that change is hard. The unknown is worrisome. You may no longer be finding fulfillment in your current situation, but facing that as an actual reality is frightening. If I am not this person in this situation, then who am I at all?

You Are Value and Worthiness Manifested

Who you are is your inner being, who watches the world pass, without any opinions or fears or worries or concerns.Your inner being is your centre point, your equilibrium, that to which we must return frequently. This full moon we are called to come back to our centre, find our point of beginning and our point of end and prepare to move forward a new. Where do your present fears of change stem from? Often when we frightened of changes that we are called to, it is because of egotistic matters. For example, if you were to leave your high profile and respectable job to pursue a career in dog walking, what would others think? And how would your finances take a blow? Would you need to find a smaller apartment? What will your parents and friends think of that? And speaking of my friends, there are a few I could do without, but I can’t stop going out with this group of people because who would make new friends with me at my age? How do people my age even make new friends?

Enough With The Ego
We all have questions like this, but it is simply our egos trying to win a war with our inner being, and this war is one sided.Your inner being is there. The core of who you are is there and you already know the answers. The answer is you will be ok. So let go of the ego and get ready to close the portal door. Thank it for the shifts and emotions and new ideas it brought you this month. Come to centre and under this full moon, get ready to move ahead.