The Loving Layers of Agate Blog Image

With the moon in Cancer and the intense cosmic happens occurring this month (a solar eclipse, a supermoon, a blood moon, etc.) many of us are computing these cosmic energies into highly emotional vibrations. Whether you’re feeling sad, tense, irritable, nervous or uncertain, agate is recognized for its loving ability to help usĀ get groundedĀ and focused.

Agate stones can be identified by their stunning layers and signature bands, with an appearance akin to marble. Agate comes in a range of beautiful colours such as blue, green, grey, red, brown and yellow. It is a stone that is deeply connected to the Earth and vibrates at a slow and steady pace, making it an ideal crystal for balancing and harmonizing our chakras. In fact, different colours of agate vibrate and align with certain chakras. And while some colours will soothe and open up certain energy flows within the body, agate in any colour can help us find our balance in times of trouble or unease.

The slower vibration of agate makes it an excellent crystal for daily use, offering a soothing presence that can help us centre when we feel scattered or unfocused. It is a great crystal for when you are feeling overwhelmed as it will not overstimulate or interfere with our internal frequencies, but rather help us align with a more steady energy, stabilizing the aura and bring a sense of calm and harmony.

Beautiful Ways to Incorporate Agate into your Day-to-Day