Everything You Need to Know: Friday's Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon Blog Image

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Anders Jildén

The Blood Moon is coming in HOT this Friday, bringing with it the longest lunar eclipse of the century. If you thought that the new moon energies of July 12th were intense, Friday’s full moon will bring some serious cosmic energies that may test our human capacities for stabilizing emotion and our responses to touchy interactions and not-so-sweet situations.

However, there’s no need to be fearful of a Blood Moon or a lunar eclipse. In fact, these phenomenons are a wonderful opportunity to work with intention towards achieving our goals, become more self-aware and to let go of everything that no longer serves us.

In order to do that, it’s great to have a clear understanding of what we are working with.

What’s a Blood Moon?

It’s totally not as sinister as it sounds. A Blood Moon is what happens when the Earth’s moon is in total eclipse. As the moon passes the Earth’s shadow, it adapts a rusty or reddish hue, as some sunlight that goes through the Earth’s atmosphere bends around the edges of our planet and will fall onto the moon’s surface.  Unfortunately, us North Americans will not be able to see the Blood Moon, while our friends in the Eastern Hemisphere will be able to get a good glimpse.

How Will The Lunar Eclipse Effect Me? 

Listen, there’s no sugar coating it. If you are a subscriber and believer in the forces and power behind the moon’s phases (and if you’ve found yourself on this site, you probably are) then yes, this one’s going to be intense. This lunar eclipse is highly influenced by the planet Mars, the planet that rules our feelings of aggression, desire, anger and survival. Mars focuses on immediate action as opposed to calculated and intention-based reaction.

This means that we may be more susceptible to reckless behaviours, especially if we are faced with particularly important decisions or situations. It is important that we are mindful to react from a space of being calm rather than giving into aggressive instincts.

The trick to navigating this celestial phenomenon is to remain mindful, grounded and full of intention. A Lunar Eclipse brings with it similar energies to a full moon, only much much stronger. Therefore, while there is opportunity for disaster if we do not stay mindful, there is also great opportunity to call into play the things you want to change.

How Do I Work With The Lunar Eclipse? 

Set Intentions

At Age of Lapin, we set our intentions every new moon and use the energy of the full moon to either emphasize our focus through ritual, ceremony, yoga, self-care, intention-focused meditation and mantra or journalling, OR we use the opportunity to course-correct, and set a new intention.

This powerful lunar eclipse offers us an incredible opportunity to highlight and focus on what we truly want to call into our lives. Not only is it an excellent time to reiterate what you may have set down as your intentions during the new moon, it is also an incredible opportunity to call in to play what you want to focus on and bring into your life over the next few months. Leverage the moon’s powerful energy on Friday to your advantage with an intention setting practice, such as journalling, vision-boarding or mindful meditation. The most important thing to remember is to write your intentions down, say them out loud or collage them on a vision board. Get them outside of you, into the air, the universe and into play.

Ditch What No Longer Serves You

This Lunar Eclipse is still leveraging that transformative and rebirthing energy from July’s new moon. Friday’s full moon is the perfect time to declare that you will not be carrying that which no longer offers you anything of value going forward. Look at your life and determine what you have been holding onto that has no more benefit to you. This could be an old friendship that is dragging you down, a pattern of self-doubt or a bad habit that is holding you back from your goals (i.e. negative self-talk or smoking).

Letting go is hard, but leveraging Friday’s energy will make it so much easier to stick with it. The universe wants us to have what our hearts desire so it is important to take advantage when the forces at play offer us natural gifts to rid ourselves of things that may be holding us from achieving those desires.

Embrace this time of rebirth by letting go and saying goodbye to anything that is taking you away from receiving your goals.

Gather and Embrace Ritual

One of the best ways we can leverage the energy of any full moon is by gathering and embracing a practice of ritual with likeminded friends and people. If your close group of friends aren’t into woo-woo or the moon, no worries. We love to curate full moon and new moon events happening locally from places like Eventbrite and our own beautiful community. No matter what your budget is, there are always beautiful gatherings happening throughout whatever city you live in, even free ones like the Soul Sister Gathering. 

Ritual can be practiced in a group or also on your own. If you are not so inclined to join a group, embrace a time of peace for yourself where you can focus with intention on what you want to achieve and let go of. This can be something as simple as attending a yoga class, embracing quiet meditation or even indulging in a ritual of self-care and self-love.