June's Strawberry Moon in Gemini: Meaning and Local Ceremonies - Sunset & Crescent Moon Image

Ryan Holloway



June’s moon cycle is recognized as the Strawberry Moon, aptly named by Algonquin tribes who recognized it as the best time to gather wild strawberries as they started to ripen.

On June 13th, the new moon enters Gemini and is also a Supermoon, recognized as a sacred point in the year, the halfway point. If you have been working towards something special in 2018, now is the ideal time to reflect, acknowledge and appreciate how far you’ve come at this halfway mark. How much work have you put into your intentions and desires over the past 6 months? Give yourself some serious self-love for working towards your dreams, and reflect on every brick that has been lovingly laid by your hand to create the foundation of your intentions since January.

This is an excellent time to turn to the horizon and calculate what the next 6 months will require from you in order to finish the year off with satisfaction. Remember, all goals are valuable and small wins go a very long way. Leverage the momentum of all positivity from the past few months into your focus forward. As for the negative energy? It has no place within you or around you. Let it GO!

We’re in luck as we head into the next stages of our journey towards our intentions and goals. The energy of Gemini offers extra self-expression, creativity and opportunities to speak our truth. And because of its Supermoon status, these energies will be especially vibrational, offering us the opportunity to leverage them to our benefits.

Our inner beings are highly accessible during this moon phase, opening up the possibilities to find great alignment and discover our capacities for joy. Let go of the ego and the superficial. Pick up a journal and let your inner being channel through to the page. Intention and goal writing will work strongly in your favour this moon when it comes to manifestation. Not a big writer? Try vision boarding, bullet journaling, or mantra.


Local Toronto Ceremonies and Rituals 

Soul Sister Sacred Circle – New Moon in Gemini

The Soul Sister Sacred Circle is a recurring new moon event designed to bring likeminded people vibrating on similar energy frequencies together, to enhance our manifestations, while leveraging intention setting practices. Expect astrological readings, visualization practices,affirmations, oracle readings, reiki, vegan snacks and wine. And it’s totally free.


New Moon Vibes – Cacao Ceremony & Crystal Singing Bowl Soundbath

Embrace powerful soul cleansing and prepare to leverage manifestation techniques through a ceremony with cacao, said to be the food of the gods offering a strong heart-opening effect. Crystal Bowl sounds will work to heal and set vibrations into perfect alignment for the power of the moon cycle ahead.



Rainbow Energy Healing, Meditation and Sound Healing Circle

This event doesn’t fall on the beginning of the new moon, it is within the first stages of the new moon on June 15th. This unique experience is offered in a sacred space and tailored to the specific needs of all who attend. If you are looking to connect with likeminded people and leverage healing energy into the Strawberry Moon, we recommend this event.