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With an intensely cosmic summer coming to a close, many of us may be welcoming fall with open arms, ready to dive into the newest versions of ourselves after shedding some serious layers during the warmer months. Now is a time to put concerted energy towards finding our feet and getting grounded. The new fall season is a perfect time to apply what we learned of ourselves this summer and our new understandings of our surroundings to our greatest benefit. Below are simple ways to get yourself in alignment for this next chapter, and help carry you through the rest of 2018 with two feet on the ground and a high vibe heart.

Reassess Your Sleeping Situation

There’s something about waking up when its still dark that will get you feeling like you didn’t get enough sleep. With the turn of the seasons, make sure your sleeping sanctuary is in top form, so you can rest your bodily temple and allow it serve you through the harsh winter climate. Devote time and energy this fall into building out your sleeping space so that you feel excited to give into slumber each night.

A great way to ensure your bedding serves you to the highest is by checking out its back story. Can cheaper fabrics and unethical manufacturing processes really bring us total comfort at night? Check out local Canadian brands like Haute Coton , a misson-driven luxury home textile company. With a “seed to consumer” philosophy Haute Coton evaluates every aspect of the manufacturing process with a commitment to the planet and the people behind their products. They select the best processes for packaging, inks, dyes and paper used in their materials along with environmentally-conscious shipping methods, . Haute Coton offers a range of luxury organic cotton sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers to help you fall into the new season with a clear conscious and open heart.


Goal Set with the New Moon in Virgo 

If you haven’t been working to set your life goals with the moon cycles, fall is a great time to try something new and see what you can accomplish with a ritual to help welcome a new season. We suggest finding a welcoming group to circle with during the upcoming new moon in Virgo (September 9th). Even if it is a small gathering with friends; brew some tea and talk about what you want to achieve over the next few months. If you are looking for something just as welcoming but a bit more guided, we suggest searching Eventbrite for New Moon ceremonies in your town. They can range from Crystal Soundbaths, Reiki sessions and Intention-Setting yoga to more in-depth experiences. Check out Soulsisterhood Toronto, an amazing group of women who gather each New Moon and Full Moon, offering a free circle and experience to those who are looking to set intentions for the new cycle and leverage the collective energies of likeminded spirits.




Are you not meditating yet? It’s time to get on it! Meditation is an excellent way to slow down the pace of your mind and thoughts so that you can gain a clear perspective on your next steps and moves ahead. If the concept of meditation feels intimidating, we suggest working with an app like Calm or an online program that can guide you through smaller meditations and help you lead up to longer ones. We suggest checking out Kait Hurley for a non-intimidating first step into the practice of meditation. With a range of different practices starting at 5 minutes to longer, Kait will guide you through a non-judgemental practice and help you find your breath and clarity. She’s also a huge cat lover.


Re-evaluate Your Crystal Collection

We love crystals, obviously, however it is good to know when to put certain ones down and maybe re-asses our needs. For example, while you may have felt the a strong need for the support of agate to help calm the intense energies of summer, it might be time to ramp up your vibrational flow with a more stimulating crystal, such as citrine, a crystal recognized for its ability to amplify our paths to success. Reflect on what assistance you feel you need to call in over the next month or two. Is it clarity? Is it focus? A crystal like florite will be more beneficial than rose quartz, for example. Make sure your supporting tools are aligned with your goals for fall.

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Hydrate with Crystals

We tend to drink less water when the weather starts to cool off. But you need to stay hydrated if you plan on accomplishing all those high vibrational goals! We’re so excited to see that VitaJuwel is now available to Canadians at We suggest staying hydrated with crystal infused water to help enhance your inner vibration and increase your wellness. Get all your water in with an infusion of gems and crystals to enhance your inner being and internal wellness.

Stay tuned as we announce upcoming workshops, events and moon guidance this fall to assist you in your path and journey. Namaste!