Image by @digital_errors

Full Moon: December 22nd – 24th

Key Words: Pleasant surprises, new opportunities, excitement, self-care, restoration, evaluation

What started as an aggressive, tense and anxious moon cycle on December 7th is now waxing into a full moon of joy and excitement. You may have found yourself on edge over the past couple weeks as everyone around us has been assessing their own personal growth and evaluating their year-long journeys. As humans, we tend to measure our successes by the external manifestation of our work and efforts; money, career advances, relationships, fitness goals. However, 2018 for most was a year of inner growth. Big shifts happened on the inside, and over this exciting full moon in Cancer, we may start to feel or see signs of those changes as they manifest into our external world.

Embrace the Possibilities

While a tendency towards doubt, fear, anger and hostility may have gripped us in the past couple weeks/months, this full moon opens our spirits up to embrace the exciting possibilities that are present everywhere. If we open our eyes or even make a slight change in perspective, we will see that opportunities for what we have been calling in over the past year are up close and present. This full moon brings an exciting energy that lends us the strength, happiness and insight we need to perceive occurrences around us as positive pathways. In fact, sometimes all it takes is a small shift in our attitudes to allow us to attract an incredible possibility.

Take a moment to mindfully shift your perspective this full moon if you find yourself sliding into negative thinking. It could make all the difference in taking a seemingly negative situation into one that is beautifully beneficial to you.

Expect the Positive and the Unexpected 

This is a wonderful full moon for pleasant surprises in your career, your financial situation and also for romance. Expect that what you want is coming your way and embrace joyful surprises. You deserve the happiness and it is not until we accept that we deserve good that good will come our way. Cancer’s energies will heighten your intuition, which is good as you may be called to act quickly if an opportunity comes your way. Further to this, your third eye may be working in overdrive. Expect insightful flashes of guidance and direction from your spirit guides and inner being. Listen with love and trust your gut.

Surrender to Self-Care, Restoration and Joy 

Turn off your head. Sink into joyful occasions with friends and family. Let the world go on without you for a bit. Turn off your phone. Practice presence in the moment. This is a beautiful full moon for gifting yourself with self-love, self-care and opportunities for happiness. If you are able to let go of the hustle mindset over this time, you will find you are more than ready for the excitement you have manifested and called in for 2019.