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Moon Cycle: February 4th – March 5th

Full Moon: February 19th

Keywords: Good news, hope, optimism, joy, spiritual awareness, growth, abundance, understanding, happiness, good fortune

While the first new moon of the year set us in the right direction towards achieving our goals and dreams in 2019, the majority of us may feel as though January really put us through the ringer. The Super Wolf Blood Moon illuminated the shadowy sides of our selves and our relationships. We were confronted face to face with our egos and for many of us, it got ugly. In defence of our ego and selves, we fought battles that, in any other time, we would have left alone or at least approached with an altered perspective.

With this new moon in Aquarius, we are invited to honour everything that came up in January, learn from it and let it go. This is a very exciting moon cycle and we need to be free of spirit, heart and mind to reap the gifts it will bestow.

We’ve Been Waiting for This One

This new moon is indeed one of the most positive moon phases in quite some time. The alignment of the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are signs of good luck, great news, happiness and optimism. Essentially, if you have been putting in the work on either a spiritual, personal, relationship or career level, the rewards of your efforts will start to come to light. We can look forward to a season of abundance and joy. Observe your mind as it reacts to the abundance and gifts that come your way this month. Allow yourself to enjoy every moment of happiness and deserved joy. Align yourself to attract the opportunities that you want to come into your life. They are literally floating in your vortex, you just have to allow them in.

Listen to Yourself 

The abundance of this moon cycle will be bestowed upon those who have invested in their spiritual selves. Our inner selves will be active in guiding our decision making this new moon to bring us the best results. Take the time to listen to what your guidance system is telling you. Your gut will be a strong driver to your success. Tend to your spirit this month through meditation, self-care, quiet, exercise, and activities that bring you true alignment and happiness. It is in these places and states you will have access to the messages you are meant to receive, those that will guide you on a path to great success and wealth.

Gather and Circle 

This is a beautiful month for gathering and connecting with friends and spiritual guides. Meet up with friends, set up times for close bonding or simple outings. Or better yet, go to a circling ceremony for February’s full moon. Connection will bring you prosperity,