Full Moon: September 13-17

Keywords: grounding, illumination, humble, remain open, spiritual, harvest

This powerful full moon upon is falls in the watery, dreamy and sensitive sign of Pisces. This is the final full moon of the season, the full moon before the Autumn Equinox, named the Harvest Moon and a time when the light allows farmers to work a little later into the night as they strive to get their summer crops in before fall. While most full moons arise about 50 minutes after sunset, a Harvest moon will share its light approximately 10 minutes after sunset, meaning we are getting extra time to get everything we need from the seeds we planted this summer, while preparing for the colder season ahead. Isn’t astronomy beautiful?

But Why Am I So Sad? 

If you are feeling as emo as a Neil Young song, you aren’t alone. Things are coming up as a revelatory summer comes to an end. We are invited to reflect back to where we were during during June’s full moon and summer solstice and see what has developed since, where we have grown, what we have shed, what we have built and created and what we have learned. Transformation combined with seasons and eras coming to an end is bound to bring out one’s emotional tendencies, especially if we are ultra connected to our spiritual energy. The extra light of the full moon brings even more illumination to specific areas in our life that are calling for nurture and attention. You may be feeling raw, exposed, and emotional. For some, that emotion manifests itself as anger so be observant of your responses to certain situations, as well as how others respond to you.

Illumination and Clarity 

The extra light of the Harvest moon offers us the opportunity to connect with our own need for clarity on certain situations that may not be sitting quite right at the moment. Take time this full moon to observe your present life and reflect on areas, habits, and people that are absolutely and truly not serving you anymore. We have access to greater clarity under this full moon so do not ignore what comes up. Listen to your heart and observe the signs you are getting. It’s time to shed old stagnant layers from your life, just as the trees drop their leaves. Say thank you. Move on.

Find Your Footing

This is an important full moon for grounding ourselves. Because the opportunity for greater clarity is strong, we may find ourselves caught up in day dreams and wishing and wanting. Letting yourself expand your consciousness is a beautiful thing, but remember that we must keep our footing in reality in order to make those dreams come true. Manifestation and law of attraction works by visualization and alignment, it’s true. But only if we are putting in the necessary work. So get to work on your dreams this full moon. You are being supported by extra energies. It’s time to put those visualizations to work. This is a powerful full moon and you are being guided, step by step towards the outcome you want. So step, step, step!

Humility and Grace

As you find yourself moving in the right direction, don’t be surprised if the universe sends you signs of “beginner’s luck” to encourage you to keep moving forward. Stay humble with the gifts you are receiving. Accept what comes your way with grace and kindness and continue to remain open to even more. When we become too cocky or over-sure, we are emitting negative vibrations that can skew our receptive frequencies. With every sign and gift you receive this full moon, receive with the greatest humility and gratitude.