Reflecting on Mercury Retrograde: Working It to Your Advantage Blog Image

Mercury Retrograde Started July 26th, 2018 Ending August 18th, 2018


It’s no coincidence that the final days of Mercury Retrograde (ending on August 18th) coincide with a yin moon phase, and a Crescent Moon phase at that. Yin moon phases indicate that the energy offered from the moon serves us in a receptive manner, as opposed to a  yang phase which serves us in a active manner.

So what does this have to do with the current Mercury Retrograde we are presently experiencing? First thing’s first:

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Four times a year, the planet Mercury is said to go into Retrograde, meaning that it appears to be moving in an opposite direction from the Earth. Simply put, planets move from east to west around the sun. Mercury in Retrograde refers to the four times a year when the planet moves from west to east around the sun, giving us on Earth the optical illusion that it is moving backwards.

Think about when you are driving on a highway and pass a car. The other car appears to be moving backwards, but it really is just moving slower than you. That other car is Mercury in this analogy.

What’s All The Hype About? 

Mercury is recognized as the messenger of the Gods and the planet of communication and logistics. On a modern-day level, this means that we can expect interference in our daily conversations, emails, travels or when we are making plans. It may feel as though we are talking to loved ones and co-workers through a thick static, where messages are getting caught or missed.

Technology and travel can be highly effected during this time. Think back to the start of this Mercury Retrograde (July 26th). Did you experience any issues with your travel and technology? Did your TV stop working for no reason? Did you pop a tire?

This, of course, can be frustrating and is why Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap.

What’s Good, Though?

On a woo-woo level, it is said that when Mercury goes into retrograde, he travels deep into the underground of our psyches, opening up the pathway to our base-level human consciousness, offering insight into past experiences and helping us gather information for the next phase in our journeys. Because we move so fast, we rarely have a chance to stop and reflect on how our past stories are shaping our present lives and future experiences.

When Mercury goes into retrograde, we are forced to slow down. Technology and travel will push back, forcing us to go inwards for insight. Your phone’s not working? Take five to meditate and download information from your higher self. Bus is late? Embrace the opportunity for a long, head clearing walk.

Patience is a virtue during this time and one that will be greatly rewarded. When Mercury goes into retrograde, its a time for data-collecting and reflection. Time alone is essential during Mercury Retrograde. You may have tapped into to some key insights about your life direction or relationships during this time. Mercury has a lot to reveal to us, and when it goes into retrograde, we have a greater opportunity to listen.

Making the Most of these Last Few Days

It’s no secret that this has been a super charged summer, one that was extremely transformative, whether you realized it or not. Shifts happened this summer and we are all susceptible to them. We absolutely LOVE the fact that the last few days of the Mercury Retrograde fall in a receptive yin moon phase, the Crescent Moon phase, when are called to stop and breathe into our final intentions of the summer, allowing them to permeate our bodies and minds.

We are invited to take advantage over the next few days of the final insights Mercury can offer us in its last days in Retrograde. Because the planet is retrograding through the fire sign of Leo, we may feel an opposing pull to rush into action. But remember, even Lions know when to lay low and observe, calculating the jungle before making their next move. Lay low over the next few days. Meditate and reflect. And most importantly, listen. The universe has messages for you and Mercury wants to help you receive them.