Working and understanding the Law of Attraction takes serious practice and faith. Although it is positioned to the masses as a simplistic process via films like The Secret, ( “you mean if I think about a gold necklace, I will get a gold necklace?”) working with the Law of Attraction is actually an ongoing ebb and flow of trust, focus and realignment. Our emotional vibrations are consistently changing. Learning to respond to the various waves of energy our emotions create within us takes serious concentration, understanding, trust, meditation, and reflection.

So what happens if you have been building positive momentum for a while and you attract a big opportunity? You can feel this big opportunity unfolding in your favour already as you allow it to vibrate within you. You are in alignment. You attracted this good thing, and of course, it is going to flow into your life, because you have been putting in the work. And this opportunity happening will mean that the Law of Attraction works. The universe is giving you what you want. Be it a job promotion, a love connection, a client, a financial pay off, this is a chance to uplevel your life in a pretty big way.

And then the opportunity slides through your fingers as quickly as it came.

Your high vibe hits a dead wall. You did not get what you want. Or even worse yet, someone else you got what you wanted. The universe saw fit to send this opportunity right over your head and into the hands of someone else or obliterated it entirely.

You may start to think the Law of Attraction is a bunch of nonsense OR you may find it very difficult to find alignment after feeling as though you have been thrown to the pavement. You crashed, hard. You are on a very low vibrational plane.

Data Collection

There are two ways we can work with missed opportunities. The first is from the perspective of Data Collection. As you start to increase your vibration, you will naturally begin attracting bigger and bigger opportunities. Stop and take stock of where you were and the types of opportunities that were coming your way before you started focusing on your vibrational frequencies. Has the magnitude of the opportunities that have started to land on your doorstep grown? Most likely.

The fact is, the universe IS working with you. Being presented these big opportunities is a crucial step in learning and growth. You are expanding your ability to receive bigger and better things every time an opportunity comes your way.

Think about it. Every time a situation is presented to you that gives you the chance to view yourself receiving something big; such as a part in a play, or a big raise, you are expanding your own view of yourself, your worth, your power. You are visualizing yourself in these bigger positions by going through the motions of moving towards the opportunity that is presented, thereby expanding your mind’s eye and your ability to receive, all in preparation for what will be coming your way soon.

As we move through the process of becoming aware of bigger possibilities for growth, financial gain, relationship status, we can view these as practices in visualization, that will help us attract the big opportunity that is meant for us.

Take these opportunities and their surrounding circumstances as an excellent time for data collection. Download all the information you can from these experiences to help expand your ability to receive when the time is right.

“All Opportunities Aren’t Dried Up”

Abraham-Hicks says that it is inevitable that our vibrations will be affected when we seemingly miss a big opportunity, but it is important to remember that all opportunities aren’t dried up. There are so many opportunities coming your way that getting bogged down with one that has passed is simply not worth the shift in our vibrations.

However, that is easier said than done. The feeling of a missed opportunity has the potential to capture our attention for a while. The absence of what we didn’t get can loom in our minds and bodies for a while. While we should honour those feelings, it is vital that we allow them to pass through us, rather than let them stick. If they stick inside, than we are closing off our ability to attract what we truly want and what is meant for us. It is important to release these feelings and work to find alignment as soon as we are ready.

Get aligned, bounce back and get ready for the next one.

Below is a great short audio clip on the topic of missed opportunities from Abraham Hicks. If the concept of the Law of Attraction is new to you, here is a quick post about the Law of Attraction for Beginners.


A bigger certainty but you can’t see it.