Full Moon: March 20th-23rd

Key Words: Prosperity, Joy, Balance, Self-Love, Self-Value, Self-Respect, New Energy Flow, Shift, Equinox, Spring

The March full moon in Libra marks the third and final Super Moon of 2019. Each full moon of this new year has been a Super Moon, meaning that the full moon has coincided with the moon’s closest proximity to the Earth during its orbit. This closer proximity renders the moon’s appearance larger in the sky and the effects of its energy to be more strongly felt here on earth. It is a beautiful time for gathering and manifesting your dreams.

Spring Equinox and New Beginnings

What’s even more beautiful about this full moon is that it happens during the Spring Equinox on March 20th-21st. The Spring Equinox is marked by the sun moving into the constellation Aries, whereby we on earth experience equal hours of day and light. The Spring Equinox represents the beginning of the astrological year, with Aries being the first sign in the zodiac, so we are called to embrace new beginnings.

While many of us mark our successes and progress from year to year, instances such as the March Super Moon gift us with an opportunity to assess where we are in to date in 2019 and edit accordingly. If you don’t like the direction something has been going, now is an amazing time to change it as required. The change in seasons causes natural shifts in our internal energy flow and in our relationship to our environment and others. It is important to sit with ourselves so we can learn which direction our energy is naturally inclined to. This Super Moon reminds us it’s perfectly alright to cut something or someone out of your life that once served you but no longer adds value. Life is short, so make sure everything you can control in your experience is of complete value to you, or get rid it. Or in other words, “Mary Kondo” your life! If it doesn’t spark joy, eliminate it.

Balance and Prosperity

In the same vein, a Full Moon in Libra will shine a light on where we need to find balance in our lives. We will see with greater clarity the things in life that drain us and the things that inspire us. Listen closely to what your inner guidance system is telling you, as this full moon Super Moon aligns us with a potent energy flow that has the capacity to unleash amazing potential and new beginnings. Unlike other full moons in which we are invited to move forward in action towards our hopes and dreams, the March full moon in Libra actually calls us to turn our focus inwards. The action we are encouraged to take this full moon is embedded in tuning into our inner energy flow and igniting what sparks joy (there it is again!).

When we ignite the fires that inspire us, prosperity and abundance ensue. When we eliminate what drains us, we are rewarded in new and fulfilling ways. For example, if your work pays well but leaves you feeling empty, tired and unhappy, what good is the money and where do you spend it? Work and money is an energy exchange. You will have greater respect for the money you earn when it comes from joyous pursuits.

You Are Precious

This full moon will open a new portal of higher consciousness that we can tune into if we make the time and clear the noise. Access this portal of self-discovery and set intentions to put yourself first this spring. With this Super Moon, we are invited to step into a new energy flow, and to activate stronger feelings of self-value and self-love. Your life has strong value, but it is very short. Let this Full Moon remind you of life’s preciousness, and respect your time on Earth by devoting it to your personal pursuit of joy.