New Moon: March 6th

Key Words: Compassion, Spirituality, Enlightenment, Karmic Friendships and Soul Mates, Confidence, Charm, Charisma, Strength

The March New Moon in Pisces brings with it an invitation to swim to the surface of the emotions that January and February have snowed upon us. Many of us have felt buried, suffocated, confused, at a lost, and drained of energy with the harshness the past two winter months have bestowed upon our physical world. It is extremely difficult to remain open to new possibilities when our bodies are clenched hard against blustering snow and bone rattling cold.

Winter is an essential part of our spiritual journeys, although we may find it difficult to feel anything spiritual at all. The dead of the winter months is when we dive into ourselves and sometimes we hibernate so hard, we lose sense of selves in the darkness of our caves. We encounter our darkest versions of ourselves as well as the darkest versions of each other. This may explain why our relationships have felt strained, why we feel we have been pushing heavy rocks up steep hills, essentially leaving us with the feeling as though we are getting nowhere.

It’s Time to Embrace Light

You have been getting somewhere. The trauma and/or confusion you are feeling is in fact more transformation. With all growth comes pain. With all movement comes friction. With every insight gained, a past belief is lost. Allow the fluidity of the Pisces water sign to bring upwards momentum to your movement. Swim to the surface, for the light of spring is just around the corner. Stay attuned to the messages the universe is bringing to you, as this new moon will bring periods of enlightenment. You may feel a small uplift in your mentality as though a cloud is slowly clearing. Take time to stop and allow the messages to come through. Guidance is coming through now in many forms. Listen before you set your intentions for this next cycle.

Confidence and Karma

Move forward this new moon with confidence and leave fear behind. But ensure your confidence serves not only yourself, but others as well. The theme of karma is strong this moon cycle, so serve your friends and community with grace and charm. Karma will bring the friends and relationships you deserve into your life this month, so be open but also weary of your words and actions and how they may affect others, particularly with Mercury Retrograde. Communication requires strong attention.

Love, Light and Blessings

In short, the clouds will start to part this new moon and we will see the promises of spring soon, both physically and metaphorically. The pain you have experienced this winter is in fact growth and an opportunity for renewal and transformation. Indulge people and practices that delight and charm you, and that physically uplift you and support you. You will swim to the surface with treasures in your hand.